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Book Review - The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1) by Jessica Sorensen

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1)The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen
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4 Stars

When I started to read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden it reminded me a lot like The Secret of Ella and Micha it wasn't until I finished that I realized Jessica Sorensen wrote both books. I am usually not a fan of books that mirror the same tone and feel of previous books, but the similarities weren't much that I didn't mind.

From the beginning we know something is wrong with Callie, she's recluse and is itching to leave her hometown and go to college. Before she leaves, she has to go to a high school party to pick up her brother, while she's at the house, she goes to the pool house and meets Kayden. From that night, something happens, a guess you can call it a informal connection. Anyhow, we fast forward to college and Callie meets up with Kayden again. Through there past issues, they cope and bond, helping each other deal with personal problems.

I didn't get much from the summary and I am happy I didn't. I think if the summary told me everything I would have been bored reading the book. I wouldn't call this book light by any means, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden is pretty intense, but in a good way. There are a lot of real life issues that are raised in the book and it's nice to read a book that is so raw. The more I think about The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, the more it reminds me of The Secret of Ella and Micha. Both books have ridiculously long titles, but a sweet cover. Both Ella and Callie meet up with the hero of the story prior to leaving to college. Both Ella and Callie are "messed-up", recluse and shy. Both Micha and Kayden come from a bad home and all four characters have non-common names. With all that said, I really book hope book 2, The Redemption of Callie and Kayden doesn't mirror too much like book 2 of The Secret of Ella and Micha.

I really liked Callie and Kayden's character. I really liked Callie most of all. I really wish we didn't know what was "wrong" at first, I wanted it to be sprinkled throughout the book, but there were plenty of surprises throughout the book that kept me on my toes. Kayden's character annoyed me at time throughout the book, but he stepped it up towards the end.

My final comment, I really hated the ending, if I knew there would be a cliff-hanger ending like that, I probably wouldn't have read it. Don't get me wrong I am all for cliff-hanger endings, but I felt like I was f'ed in the a** if you know what I mean.

Regardless, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden was a really good read. I loved how emotional and dramatic each page was. I felt like I could really relate and feel Callie's and Kayden's each own pain. I also loved the supporting characters of Seth and Luke. I think because it was written with so much intensity I can forgive the cliff-hanger ending.

A recommend read.

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