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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) by Ella Frank

Exquisite (Exquisite, #1)Exquisite by Ella Frank
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Stars

I’m going to be abnormal and just say it, I did not care for Exquisite, okay maybe I’m being a little harsh, but in my honest opinion I found the story Just Okay

Lena got into a car accident 9 years ago and because she was driving and because her sister died, Lena has huge guilt, to the point where she distances herself from relationships. Mason is a successful bachelor and owner of a restaurant called, “Exquisite”. Lena’s work holds a function at Exquisite and meets Mason.

There’s A LOT OF DRAMA, which I usually love, however, the tension is so mild, I was almost falling asleep reading. How can there be drama, but no tension? I ask myself that too, but there was.

The beginning had so much promise. Lena’s back story is introduced and slowly Mason comes to play. Lena and Mason has cute banter and I really enjoyed the beginning stage of the relationship. I guess I just like to read stories where the guy or cad chases the girl.

About 50% into the book I was wondering if anything decent was going to happen and pretty much at the 70% mark I was kind of pissed. Exquistene is simply too long. There isn’t enough intensity to justify how long the story is. There are fillers, highly descriptive scenes and unnecessary dialogue. I tried really hard not to skim and I made it about 80% through and then when I got the final obvious anti-climatic obstacle, I was just rolling my eyes and rushing to the end.

When I was done reading, I actually asked myself if I could write a review because I was so upset with the last 20%-30% of the book. I basically dropped my rating ½ a point. Point blank, the story should have been just about Lena, heck it should have been written from her POV.

To sum up my rant with one word, I would describe Exquisite as one big SNORE

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