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Giveaway - Knock Love Out by Pella Grace

Doesn't this cover look yummy?! I just want to lick Cash's abs and then-some.  I'm such a cover whore, but sheesh, **FAINT** 

 This Adult-New Adult mash-up is an extremely steamy contemporary romance that tells the story of Cash, a 24-year-old grocery clerk and Lilla, a 30-something unhappily married woman who fall for one another.

Warren Cash Valentine is an artist moonlighting as a cashier in his family's failing grocery store. 

On the surface he appears to be your typical smart ass, cocky 24 year-old, but underneath lies a man who is highly gifted and passionate about embracing life to the fullest.

Lilla King is a woman stuck in the winter of her life.

At 39 years-old, her marriage and career are failing which leaves her desperate to find a spark that will jump-start her woeful heart and get her back on course to finding her passion for life. 

One man's wife is another man's lover. 

Can you keep a secret?


Cash Valentine POV

I want her to look at the scene unfolding around her and carry me home. The light to burn her eyes and paint my face over her husband’s blank stare. Flipped on her belly, tugging her ass towards me. Underwear on a date with my borrowed shirt lying in the corner. Smacking my palm to the apple, not letting go. 

     My thumb smearing across her skin to spread her open and taste in between her loneliest place. Papers rustle as they are fisted in her hands, trying to hold on as she lets go of all the bullshit. Another night I’ll go slower. Another night I’ll kiss her fucking toes and keep my mouth on this pussy like a man should.
      Tonight I’m too lit up. Breaking at my own seams. 

     “Say no,” I murmur in her ear, sliding my hands to pull hers from the paper. Into mine. She locks her fingers around mine and that’s all I need.

As a child Pella loved writing poetry, and swore she'd grow up to be a songwriter. Her love of poetry heavily influenced her writing style and lead Pella on a path to writing romantic, melodic, sensual books.

Pella describes her writing style as, "if I had James Barrie as a step-father and Rita Leganski as a fairy godmother, with weekend visits from George Carlin, you'd end up with my books. I'm also mother-less, so I have a habit of placing my characters into angst-ridden plot points. (Don't forget the fairy dust.)"

Pella Grace has been featured in publications such as Fresh Fiction and a guest blog author for USA Today.

Away from writing Pella donates her time being an advocate for small farm owners, as well as tending to her own garden.

She is also a mother, trained chef, and wife ... hiding from the dirty dishes.

Knock Love Out is Pella Grace's debut romance novel, publisher Swoon Romance.

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