Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Review - Kat Fight by Dina Silver

4 Adorable Stars

Kat Fight is an adorable, light read, it's the good in-between book

I'll be honest, I like my steam, but reading Kat Fight reminded me what kind of books I read... before all the New Adult stuff. It's cute, it's fun and there really isn't too much fuss nor mess.

So, Kat has been in a relationship with her long-standing boyfriend Marc for 4 years. After being stood up for the millionth time, she calls Marc out on it. He doesn't seem very guilty and Kat breaks up with him, because she knows she deserves better. Marc agrees to the break-up and they part ways.

Kat goes back in the dating world and her best friend Julie forces Kat on a double date. Julie is suppose to be set-up with Pete and Julie is going out with Ryan, but somehow Julie and Ryan end up working at the same office together and the chemistry is unstoppable.

My summary isn't entirely true. Yes, Ryan and Kat start to have feelings for each other, but Ryan doesn't cheat on Julie, Ryan and Julie actually stopped dating. It's just that Kat takes her time in letting Julie know that her and Ryan have a thing for each other.

This is my first Dina Silver book and overall, like I said before Fat Fight is adorable. Kat is a pretty level headed Heroine, although she kind of lies, white lies, she is fun and lovable. Ryan is an honest sweet heart. He doesn't play games and pretty much puts himself out there.

The chemistry between Kat and Ryan is mild and kind of tame. There were some "nice" moments, but there wasn't any overly affection, maybe it's just not that kind of read. Also, towards the end, I was getting a but frustrated with Kat, I felt like she was running in circles, but it wasn't drawn out too much, so that was good.

It's an adorable read, you will not be angry, throwing your tablet against the wall or pulling your hair out. I appreciate these kind of reads. I really do.


  1. Sounds like the perfect on-the-beach kind of read for the end of summer. The cover is really cute too. Very bright and YA :)

  2. It's very cute, thanks for the comment Katie :D