Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Review - Shooting Scars (The Artists Trilogy, #2) by Karina Halle

4.5 Stars

Although Sins and Needles is very different from what I read, I liked it, so I was really excited for Shooting Scars. I’m known for this, so let me put the disclaimer in there…

First, if you haven’t read Sins and Needles, do not read this review. Second, Ellie and Camden do not interaction for a major part of the book, which is a little disappointing and I would have dropped my rating a bit more, but I really like Karina Halle’s writing style. She can write a really intense book!

My heart was breaking all over again, just when I thought I didn’t have anything inside me to break.

With that said, the major questions you will ask yourself throughout the read is…. 


Well, let’s just see…

Elle goes with Javier so Camden’s son and ex-wife can be safe. I know AWE right, the con-artist with a soft heart. And Cam stays with his son and wife. You would think that Camden’s story would be boring, but it wasn’t! I really enjoyed Cam’s story line. I feel like we got a better understanding of his character and boy did he put on some big boy pants and OWNED THE FUCK UP!

This is a different world now. You’re not Camden McQueen. You’re Connor Malloy. In this world, you will have to do things you never thought you’d do, things you wish you never did.


Now, I also hate to say it, but I am team Javier too! I know, but it’s the whole SUPER bad boy you cannot help but love. Sure he’s done bad things, like *cough* kill Jim, but he does what he needs to do and you just get wet in the panties because of it. He’s aggressive, arrogant and doesn’t hesitate in killing.

What Javier and I shared was a deadly cocktail of intense hormones and lies.

You sacrificed nothing and gained everything. You chose to be with me. Now own it

Now, Ms. Ellie. …… Oh ELLIE.


I get why she is the way she is, I get it. This was explained very well, BUT STILL! I don’t want to give anything away, but lord, she ANGERED ME! WHY?! I need to calm down.

I hate the heroine but I still enjoyed the read!

After I first felt Ellie’s lips on mine, the warmth, sweetness, I was never the same. She took a piece of me that I was unable to get back until I was inside her, feeling her heart and her sins in my hands.

Most of Shooting Scars is Ellie and Javier’s involvement, and Ellie’s internal struggles in doing the right thing, well wanting to do the right thing. There’s a lot of action, twists, turns and tension, so if you were a huge Sins and Needles fan, than Shooting Scars will not disappoint, despite my mini rant on Ellie.

OH and the final verdict… this little lady (i.e. ME) well I am TEAM CAM!!!!! Hate all you want, but I LOVE a man in glasses with tats and yes I just described my husband.

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