Friday, August 30, 2013

Character Interview - Livie and Ashton by K.A. Tucker

I am so excited about this post!  First, I LOVED LOVED LOVED One Tiny Lie and my 5 star review is HERE. Also the lovely K.A. Tucker will be at the Houston Book Rave in November and so will I, so I hope to see you there too!

Now... what a treat... I got to ask Livie and Ashton a few questions and so welcome them and here we go...

To Livie:

Ashton and Connor are so different, what made you drawn to both of them?

Well, Connor is almost too good to be true. He's everything I wanted. Or thought I wanted.  Handsome,  sweet, caring, smart. Focused on family. I was just so comfortable with him from the very beginning. And Ashton... well, I don't know how anyone can't be drawn to him. Even I, who fought it tooth and nail at first, couldn't help myself. It is all an act, of course. Once you get past his abrasive exterior, you'll find out that the guy beneath it is capable of softness and love.

To Ashton:

You are Mr. Player and can have any girl you want, but what was it about Livie that made her so hard to resist? 
She punched me. I kissed her and she punched me. How can you resist a girl like that?

To Livie:

Your sister is a little bit wild and you are more controlled, yet the two of you are best friends, how does that work? 
I think we're the perfect balance of each other. It helps that I'm so tolerant of her eccentricities. On the flip side, she has been there for me when it really counted. All of her choices have been for me. So, crazy or not, she's my life. 

To Livie:

What’s the best quality you find in Ashton? 
His tolerance. He doesn't judge anything or anyone. He doesn't judge me, even when I say or do stupid things, or when I don't know what the hell I want and start to panic.

To Ashton:

What is your favorite memory/moment with Livie? 
The moment she surprised me on the dance floor that first night and earned her nickname. I was going to leave her alone but, after that, I knew I had to have her.

To Ashton and Livie:

What’s in store for the both of you? What should we expect? 
We have no idea. That's the beauty of it. Our story has been told but you may see more of us down the road, in Ben's story. 

I also want to thank Ink Slinger PR for this idea. You guys are fabulous!