Monday, August 26, 2013

Giveaway + Book Review - Mid-Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams

Typically during a mid-life crisis you either buy a expensive sport car or travel to Europe OR you find yourself a man that's 11 years younger and have some fun.  I think I will choose option B!

Claire is a soon-to-be 40 year old divorced mother of two teenage girls.  She hates her job and she's stuck in a rut.  All of that changes when she meets sexy, savvy, rich and handsome Jonathan Statham, CEO for the company Claire works for. 

First off, I didn't know what this read was about. Had I known the Heroine was older, I probably wouldn't have picked it up. HOWEVER, Mid-Life Love was a VERY adorable, happy, laugh-out-loud read and VERY VERY steamy.  I just want to say, I like steam, but what I like even more is kinky steam and Whitney did not let me down.

I liked the beginning, you got to know Claire and her situation.  Like I said, she's in a rut and you can relate to her.  Although the reason why she is getting divorce isn't "light", it's a nice back story I like to read when I get to know the main characters.  Her daughters act like typical teenagers, but I found them more hilarious than annoying.  I enjoyed reading those parts. Again, I am a HUGE sucker for single moms. 

It’s about me knowing better than to date the CEO in the first place, who is undoubtedly the most jealous and possessive man I’ve ever met.

Oh Johnathan.  The many ways I want him... up down and all around.  He's lickable, he's swoon worthy and for someone who is younger, he is 100% alpha male.  I love him!  Johnathan is a very likable Hero.  You think being in a room filled with co-worker is going to stop him from having sex? Nope, as long as it's dark enough.  I love a spicy steamy scene and Johnathan is all about that and more.

The women I’d been with in the past were mostly a means to pass the time, a way to fill my days with something steady until I was bored or driven away by their erratic behavior. But Claire never bored me, never annoyed me – even when she was frustrating the shit out of me

A lot of story line is Claire and Johnathan trying to move forward in their relationship with external issues in the way, like age differences and Johnathan's many ex's.  The thing I enjoyed most about Mid-Life Love was that it was really a Claire and Johnathan book. I LOVE these reads. I just want to read about the couple and I got that.  I loved it when Claire was being insecure, I loved it when Johnathan was being assertive and I even loved the extra obstacles.  Mid-Life Love is a bit long, so you get your money's worth, but really it's all about Johnathan for me.

4.5 Stars

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  10. Older woman, younger man. Hmmmm Very interesting story line. More than interesting. I recall the movie The Graduate and loved this book really intrigues me, much like the movie did. And having such an affair with teenage daughters still living in the house? Well, even more fun. Whitney, you must have a wicked sense of humor! :-) I think I'm gonna love this book.

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