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Book Review - Beautiful Broken Rules (Broken Series, #1) by Kimberly Lauren

5 Rule Breaking- I Have a HUGE smile on my face- Beautiful Stars

There’s a reason why Beautiful Broken Rules has rave reviews and ratings, it’s JUST.THAT.GOOD.
If you want a fun, happy, light-hearted read that will truly put you in a good mood, then Beautiful Broken Rules is for you.

Emerson (Emmy) is a slut and knows it.  She also has three rules for dating guys and she NEVER breaks them.

Rule #1 --- > Never sleep with someone that a friend has feelings for.

Rule #2 ---- > Never sleep with someone who is in a known relationship (when this isn’t disclosed to me, it is not my fault)

Rule #3 ---- > Never sleep with someone more than three times.

Jaxon and his brother Jace are best friends with Emmy’s best friend Cole.  This year, Jaxon and Jace move in with Cole, who happens to lives next door to Emmy.  Jaxon may be the one to help Emmy reform, if only he can get her to stop pushing him away.

Whatever, your heart knows what I am talking about, and one day your brain will catch up

This book was recommended to me by my BBF and she knows I am a very picky person when I read. So when I started the first page, I’ll tell ya…. I WAS HOOKED! From start to finish, there was not a dull moment and this read is completely a page turner.

The number one reason why I loved this book so much is because there is no love triangle and there is no cheating, in fact the main Heroine is very adamant in not cheating. Do I typically like books where the Heroine is a slut? No, but do I like Emmy? YES, in fact I LOVED her and you get why she is the way she is. I love how she is confident, sassy and just doesn’t let people bring her down.

You reckless, frustratingly beautiful girl, why are you out here all alone?

You deserve to know how great it can be for someone to care about you. I don’t even know what a good relationship is.

The beginning starts off with Emmy waking up from a hook-up, I know… I shake my head too, but it’s really funny, especially when she can’t find her clothes and yes has a meet cute with Jaxon! Oh Lord, let me tell you about Jaxon, he is so freakin’ swoon-worthy, drool-worthy, I- want-to-ride-his-bike please alpha male (and I have no desire to ride bikes).

Jaxon and Emmy’s “relationship” is adorable. It’s basically Jaxon trying to tame the wild Emmy. And let me tell you …there are no frustrating parts. Emmy doesn’t go in circles and I never wanted to rip my hair out. The writing was smooth, but there was plenty of tension to be engaging and entertaining.  I really needed this read after a few dramatic ones.  Oh and the side characters, I LOVE THEM.  Quinn (Emmy’s best friend), Jace, and Cole, are all awesome and I am stoked about book 2, Jace’s Story.

Kimberly Lauren is a fantastic writer and if you were on the fence with Beautiful Broken Rules, I am here to take you off your fence. Yes, all five feet and two inches of me will pick you up and take you off. Read it!





What inspired you to become a writer? 

I actually never wanted to be a writer, but I had that first scene of Emerson at the frat house in my head for some reason and after I wrote it down, more and more continued to come. 

Emerson isn’t your typical Heroine, what made you decide to write such a strong and sassy gal?

I'll be honest, I love the promiscuous male male characters that meet THE ONE and change all of their ways for her. When I wrote Emerson in the frat house, I just started thinking about role reversals. 

What can we expect from book 2,  Jace’s story?

Oh boy, I feel like a lot is going on. Each couple is impacted in some way. It's fun to have this gang all together again. Their friendship is so much fun to write. It's their last year of college - so they are started to think about the future. 

You are originally from Dallas (like me!) ever thinking of moving back to Texas?

Yes - thank God! It's been almost eight years. We moved to San Diego then to Germany then back to California. But finally in a couple months we should be back in Texas!

How long did it take for you to write Beautiful Broken Rules?

BBR took me a little under 2 months to write - Jace's story on the other hand is taking me much longer. It overlaps for a little bit with Beautiful Broken Rules, so I have to make sure they mesh perfectly.

Do you think you would write a novella, a prequel explaining how Quinn/Emerson/Cole became best friends?

I'm not sure I would do about that per se - but everyone seems to ask about a novella for Cole & Quinn so I might do something with them. Once you meet the new character's in Jace's story though - you might want their books first ;-) 

Can you please tell us 5 fun facts about yourself? 

- I love to travel. I'll pick seeing somewhere new over almost anything. 

- I have a degree in Child Development

- I collect coffee mugs, seriously I have way too many

- Living in Europe ruined me for American food, I miss European food so much 

- I cannot write and listen to music. I use music to get inspiration for certain feelings - but I just can't listen and write simultaneously 

About the Author
If Kimberly isn't traveling or chasing a toddler, she's writing.  Writing for Kimberly is enjoyable and cathartic.  When she was 19, she packed up and followed her high school sweetheart from Texas to California. She had a blast living it up in San Diego. Four years later she made a crazy decision and packed up again and moved to Germany. For three years she saw as much as she possibly could. It was the most amazing time of her life. After Europe she moved back to California, and for now her and her family are debating their next adventure.

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