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Off the Record (Record, #1) by K.A. Linde

Off the Record (Record, #1)Off the Record by K.A. Linde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Red-White-and-Blue Stars

What K.A. Linde is known for

Heroine being strung along by Hero CHECK

Love triangle Check

Angst Somewhat Check

I was REALLY REALLY REALLY nervous reading Off the Record. I am not a fan of love triangles or angsty reads and Linde is known for them. I picked up Off the Record because I loved the summary and I haven’t read a political theme book.

I loved the writing style! Off the Record may not work for everyone because it’s a bit slower than Linde’s Avoiding series, but I think that is why I enjoyed Off the Record so much. I was in the mood to get to know the Hero and Heroine. I wanted to fall in love with them and I did.


Liz is a college reporter. She’s very serious about her career and loves politics. Liz and her boss, Hayden, cover a speech, made by Senator Brady. Brady is a twenty-five year old bachelor, who is nothing, but driven to succeed and win elections. Liz makes a bold move and asks Brady an intense question. This intrigues Brady and pushes Brady to seek out Liz. However, Brady is too much in the spotlight to be open with his relationships.



Liz is an interesting character. She’s fairly young, considering she’s still in college, but she acts way older than her age. I really admire how driven she is and how involved she is in politics (I guess she has to be). Overall, I liked Liz. She did make me frustrated and annoyed towards the end.


My vote goes to BRADY

I love a man in a suit, but I l love a man in power even more. There’s something about Brady that makes you want to see him even in secret. Brady throws crumbs towards Liz and she’s like a little puppy that picks up on it. Maybe Liz is a bit of a doormat, but isn’t Linde known for that type of Heroine? I am not sure if I would consider Brady stringing Liz along, but he only contacts her and picks when he can see her. In some ways you just get Brady. I get why he does the things he does, but that doesn’t mean I completely accept it. Maybe it’s the sexy factor that kind of just sweeps everything else aside.

Liz and Brady have chemistry and if they didn’t I wouldn’t have enjoyed Off the Record so much. They did have insta-lust, but eventually, as they progress in their relationship, you can see the two get to know each other more.


You shouldn’t be surprised there’s a love triangle, granted it’s NOT SUPER apparent, but it’s there. I actually like Hyden, but again, I am not surprised by that. Linde has a way in making you fall for two guys at once. There really isn’t anything wrong with Hyden, other than he’s the other guy. He’s of course nice, funny and sweet.

Why Off the Record may not work for some …

If you are KA Linde fan, you may be surprised on how different Off the Record is. I would say the writing is a bit slower and there’s less angst (again, two things I like).

Brady isn’t a total jerk. We all know we love to hate the Hero’s Linde creates, but as much as Brady is closed off and kind of unattainable; he’s a sexy dominate guy. You can see why Liz likes him so much.

Off the Record is REALLY REALLY REALLY long and the story line is a bit tame. There aren’t any really pull your hair out moments, well except for two parts.

Why Off the Record worked for me (But I’m still nervous)

I loved the way Liz and Brady formed their relationship. It was slow, sexy and entertaining. I never knew which direction Brady would lead the relationship and I kind of like it.

As much as I HATE love triangles, I kind of liked Hyden and was rooting for Liz to see him too. Hyden was the guy that Liz always wanted, but of course the timing couldn’t be worst for her.

Brady…. Yeah. Linde created a Hero that I love and want to make love too!

Final Verdict

Is Off the Record worth reading? YES

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Off the Record (Record, #1)AMAZON

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