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Dangerously Bound (Dangerous, #1) by Eden Bradley

Dangerously Bound (Dangerous, #1)Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 (Bite Me, Whip Me, Play with Me) Stars

Dangerously Bound is about going after your childhood crush, not matter the consequences.


Allie has had a crush on Mick since high school. Finally in college, she has sex with him and it’s everything she thought it would be and so much more. Mick doesn’t do commitment. He cares for Allie since they are friends, but after their one night together, things change. Allie moves away and pursues her career in baking.

Years later, Allie is back and she knows Mick is into the BDSM world and is Dominate. Allie wants to be his submissive, at least in a scene. She convinces Mick to play with her.


Dangerously Bound started out great. I’m all about childhood crushes and getting second chances. Mick doesn’t think he’s good enough for Allie. She’s sweet and pure. Allie has spent years getting to know the BDSM scene and likes it. She is a trained submissive and wants Mick. Mick is reluctant to play with Allie because of past feelings, but it’s hard for him to say no.

I liked how hard Allie pursued Mick. She had that one great night in college and she’s determined to have it again. I also like how she is a trained submissive. I’ve read a lot of books where the Heroine is a na├»ve girl and it gets kind of old. The few scenes they do in the sex club were great, it was kinky and what I was looking for.

If you were looking for an erotic read, this one is for you

However, towards the middle and end, I felt the storyline straining a bit. Since Allie likes Mick so much she kind of doesn’t act like a typical submissive and she talks back and it’s hard to follow orders, this I did not like. Mick has so many pent-up issues from his past that he pushes Allie away. It creates great tension, but after a while I was getting frustrated by him and wanted him to stop pushing Allie away. Also the club scenes end and there’s just standard bedroom sex. Again, I like my kink factor and some public sex would have been a nice touch.

There are plenty of sex scenes and some are kinky, but very mild. Sure there’s spanking, biting and some bondage, but I guess I was looking for something a little more. I’m a bit crazy when it comes to dark reads and I guess I wanted this to be a little rough and dark.

Overall, Dangerously Bound was an okay, BDSM read with some mild kink.

AN ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Dangerously Bound (Dangerous, #1)AMAZON

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