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Elicit (Eagle Elite, #4) by Rachel Van Dyken

Elicit (Eagle Elite, #4)Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 What the H is going on Stars

I’ve been waiting for Elicit for a very long time. I love this series like mad and so I have to say I have mixed feelings towards this one.

My thoughts throughout the read

1% - Prologue - Are you Serious?!!! Why do I read the prologue, I hate foreshadowing

10% - Awwww… Tex and Mo …. Too cute and funny

30% - There’s a lot going on. There’s five POV’s and a lot of details

40% - Still a lot of info

50% - Still a lot of info

75% - Finally we get somewhere!!!!

80% - Picking up

100% - Satisfied.

I have to say I enjoyed the beginning (minus the prologue) and the ending, but the middle dragged just a tad bit and I was getting really frustrated. However with that said, sometimes being frustrated can be a good thing.

If you are like me and don’t like foreshadowing, skip the prologue, you will miss nothing. So, Mo and Tex are enemies. Mo must marry Tex because she’s pregnant, only that it’s not Tex’s baby. What a cliffy to the last book huh?

I really love the whole Romeo and Juliet vibe. Mo and Tex from two different families, mortal enemies, how could it end up well?

There’s a lot that goes on in Elicit. There are plots, subplots, other character’s POV, strategies and plans within back up plans. It will make your head spin. I liked it, but it was kind of confusing at times.

I mean, Mo and Tex love each other, but it’s not enough, but sometimes it’s enough, but not really. That’s kind of the vibe I got from the book.

The best part was the climatic ending. I felt like I waited the whole book for the big bang and it was a good one. I wasn’t really sure on my feelings towards Tex, but after I finished I’m a true fan.

So here’s what to expect. Expect a lot of drama, a lot of character involvement, a lot of POV and a lot of plots. There’s just a lot that goes on.

Do I still love the series? Of course. Will I continue? For sure. I just hope the next one isn’t as complex and interwoven.

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