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Breaking Out (The Surrender Trilogy, #2) by Lydia Michaels

Breaking Out (The Surrender Trilogy, #2)Breaking Out by Lydia Michaels
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 She will be mine Stars

It’s the second installment and Lucian must pay the piper.

I really liked how Breaking Out started. Evelyn and Lucian are the perfect happy couple. Evelyn loves being with Lucian because he’s dominating, caring and sweet. Lucian is very much in love with Evelyn, but something is pressing on his shoulders.

One man… Parker Hughes.

I’m usually not one for love triangles, but this one worked out for me. The deal Lucian made with Parker is ready to be cashed in and Parker is ready for his chance at Evelyn, the only thing… Evelyn doesn’t know anything about it.

The storyline and concept of the book was great. There are some parts where it was a little too edgy for me. Like I said, I loved the beginning because it was steamy and sweet. I liked reading Evelyn and Lucian’s interaction since they had to overcome so much from Falling in.

When the book shifts during the half way point it started to get a little drawn out. There isn’t a huge chunk where Evelyn and Lucian are separated, but it’s big enough to get you kind of anticipating on what will happen next. I disagreed with the point where Evelyn wasn’t aware of the situation. It was just not needed drama in my opinion.

I did however enjoy two men going for Evelyn’s affection. I also liked how much Lucian loved Evelyn and how he was going crazy during the separation. Who doesn’t love a Hero completely disheveled? I loved it. Breaking Out is a nice novel and if you are a fan of the series, this book is the perfect in-between book to get you prepared for the final one.

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