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In His Keeping (Slow Burn, #2) by Maya Banks

Maya continues her suspenseful and steamy Slow Burn series with this second book—a twisting tale featuring a strong yet vulnerable heroine in danger and the sexy alpha hero who must save her.
Abandoned as a baby to a young wealthy couple and raised in a world of privilege, Arial has no hint of her past or who she belonged to. Her only link lies in the one thing that sets her apart from everyone else—telekinetic powers. Protected by her adoptive parents and hidden from the public to keep her gift secret, Ari is raised in the lap of luxury, and isolation. That is, until someone begins threatening her life.
Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. As the head of Deveraux Security, he’s more than familiar with the realities of physic powers. So when a family friend approaches him about protecting his daughter, he’s more than ready to jump on board. What Beau isn’t prepared for is the extent of his attraction to his beautiful and powerful client. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. Even if it costs him his life.
4 Powerful Stars

In His Keeping is the second Slow Burn novel.  This time, it’s Beau’s book, another Deveraux brother. You can read the books out of order since each book focuses on different characters, but the previous characters are mentioned in the current book.

The difference between In His Keeping and Keeping Me Safe is that In His Keeping has a lot more meat. Maya Banks really developed the characters and you get a ton of history, which I loved.  I loved the way In His Keeping started.  It starts with Arial’s parents and how they struggle with conceiving a child. I usually don’t like references towards characters that aren’t really the main characters, but I really enjoyed reading this.

I felt like the beginning was setting the tone and pace of the book and it really got me worked up and ready for what’s coming next.

Arial isn’t your average girl.  She has telekinetic powers and she was taught at a very young age to hold back her powers.  Her parents were afraid if anyone found out about Arial’s abilities, she would be taken.  Years later, Arial is attacked and she indirectly used her powers to save herself.  Someone filmed her and now everyone knows what she can do.

Arial is in trouble and she needs help.

Beau is the only man that can help her.

Beau is known as the brother with muscle. With a military background, he’s roughed and doesn’t have a lot of tact.  He likes to stay behind the scenes and he has no interest in involving himself with a woman.

Until he met pretty, gorgeous and rich Arial. People are after Arial and Beau is willing to protect her.

I know I said it so many times, but I love me a damsel-in-distress storyline. I like it! I like that Arial is so sheltered and she needs someone like Beau to protect her. Don’t get me wrong, I love a strong Heroine, but there’s something really sweet and very enjoyable reading a strong Hero wanting to always be there for the girl.

The thing that I really enjoy about this book is that there are a lot of elements. I love the villain. I love a really nasty villain and having an underground operation seeking Arial is something I really like reading. When I mean nasty, I mean, really really really mean and it was awesome.

We do get glimpses of Zack, who will be in the next book. He isn’t a brother, but he’s a family friend and I’m very excited to read his side of the story.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this suspenseful series from Maya. I feel like it has everything I’m looking for in a read with romance, a strong Hero, major character development and different storyline.



Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 50 novels. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas. Visit her website at



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