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Hardlined (Hacker, #3) by Meredith Wild

Software mogul Blake Landon has met his match in headstrong Erica Hathaway. While his controlling nature and her independent spirit continue to battle, Blake has no intention of letting her out of his life again.

Erica has given Blake her trust and her love, determined that they will conquer any challenges together. But when he demands more and tests the boundaries of her commitment, she is forced to face the dark desires he’s kept hidden.

As their bonds grow tighter, their enemies close in. With Erica’s start-up in danger, Blake’s frustration grows as he tries to protect her from those who would ruin her only to get to him. Can their relationship survive when Blake’s enemies cross the line and threaten more than her livelihood?

4.5 Oh Mr. Blake Stars

Hardline is the fourth book in the Hacker series. You must read the books in order.
With each book I read in this series, I feel like Blake and Erica relationship become more develop. I’m pulled deeper into the relationship and I kind of become a part of the characters.

I love this series. It’s witty, a little suspenseful and very addictive.

Hardline starts where Hardpressed left off. Blake and Erica are still working on the relationship, but there are a lot of external factors that come to play. Erica and Blake love each other, but both still have issues. Blake still wants control and Erica is still cautious.

Both are slowing working on the issues, I would say one more than the other, but regardless it’s going in a positive direction.

And I love it.

There had been only lust between us then, but lust had turned to obsession and somewhere in that wild blur, I had fallen in love with him.

Blake is still an investor in Erica’s company and he still has issues with James. Blake knows James has feelings for Erica and Blake doesn’t like James being so close to her. Erica wants Blake to back off some when it comes to her company, but she also loves Blake fiercely and she works hard to balance the two.

I completely love Blake. He’s so possessive, controlling and controlling and domineering. Did I say controlling? Yes he is VERY controlling and it’s crazy hot.

I wanted him to understand my resistance, maybe even let it slide. Even when he went all Dom on me, sometimes he’d give me room to push back.

Blake makes it very clear to Erica that she’s with him and he doesn’t want any man to stand in the way. Erica tries very hard to deal with Blake’s controlling behavior and it makes the steamy scenes, really really really good.

What I love most about the Blake and Erica dynamic is the intensity of the relationship. Blake is a very intense character. He knows what he wants and he knows what works for him and he doesn’t want to compromise at all. I found it all very alluring. He pushes Erica a lot, in and out of the bedroom and believe me those pages were the best to read. It will make you blush.   Erica still has issues with Sophia so there’s tension there too. It’s a nice tension.

I wanted to worship him, to serve him. I wanted to be everything for him, even in these dark moments when nothing made sense but the demands of our flesh.

You also have Max. I enjoyed reading the Max and Blake feud.  Both want to outsmart each other and it kind of throws Erica into the middle of it. Which, causes Blake to go really protective and really sexy. Erica becomes a little stress, but works really hard to keep her emotions in check.
I enjoyed Hardline a lot because so many things happened and I liked the problems from the previous books carried over. I felt the transition from book to book was perfect and I loved all the tension I was reading. Every time you thought something was done, bam anything problem pops up. It’s a crazy ride and there was never a dull moment.

I also love the characters. I love reading books where it’s just about the Hero and Heroine and well if you throw in a Dom as a Hero, I’m all over that. I felt that even though Blake and Erica have issues, they love each other still. That was never a question and it just really sets the relationship.  And it made the book just great.

I can’t breathe without you, baby. You undo me and then put me back together whole again. You take it all, and you still love me for it.

…the truth that would haunt me to the day I died if he ever left me. God forbid, he’d ruin me forever.

An Arc was provided. SERIES

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Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at You can learn more about her upcoming projects at

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