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A Shattered Moment by Tiffany King [6,000 Likes Giveaway]

This is Mackenzie’s story…

Mackenzie Wilson once had hope for what life had to offer, but everything changed on the night of her graduation. A year later, the only way she can find comfort is by keeping her head down and hoping she remains unnoticed at college.

When Bentley James discovered Mac in that twisted SUV, he was just a newbie EMT on his first call. It was a gut-wrenching moment that made him realize not everyone can be saved—and sometimes they don’t want to be.

A chance encounter on campus brings Bentley back into Mac’s life. Despite her initial resistance, he sets out to discover the girl hiding beneath a shield of seclusion. He evokes painful memories in Mac—but also feelings. As the spark between them grows, Mac must decide if she can let go of the past and believe in something as fragile as love…

5 Life-Changing Stars

A Shattered Moment is a standalone and is the first book in the Fractured Lives Series.  This is a new Tiffany King series and I’m completely in love with it!

Mackenzie, Mac was in a horrific accident on graduation night. She has never been the same since. It’s a year later and she’s in college. She’s recluse, antisocial and has a slight limp. She doesn’t want anyone in her life and she doesn’t have anyone in her life.

Bentley was on call during the night of Mac’s accident. He helped her arrive safely to the hospital.  A year later, he sees Mac again at the same college he is attending. He wants to forge a relationship with this girl, but she doesn’t make it easy.

Mac has pretty tough walls built around her and Bentley is determined to break them.

The more time I spent with her, the more I wanted to show her how wrong she was.

I love the college setting and I love the “innocence” of the book. It read to me as sweet and completely adorable.

Mac is a tough cookie, as she should be. She had the perfect life and it all came crashing down in a few seconds. She’s bitter, angry and she is kind of stuck. I also liked that she has a limp. I felt like it was a constant reminder of the accident. This is her first year not living with her parents and she finds refuge at the library. Every day she walks to the library, despite the ache in her leg and one day she runs into Bentley.

I loved Bentley. If you ever had to love the good-guy, it’s him. I loved when they first meet, there’s no question to how they know each other. It’s out there in the open. He sees something in Mac and even though he has no problems getting girls, he wants to get to know her.  I loved reading his inner monologue. I loved how nervous he was around her and how he really cared for Mac. It was so sweet!

I’m as broken as the window you found me behind the night of the accident.

Mac is very standoffish and Bentley decides to show up at the library every day. He doesn’t talk to her, but kind of worms his way into her life. It’s super cute. The angst level is low and I really liked it. This was simply a story about past pains and finding something new.  Bentley tries to help Mac works on her issues, like overcoming fears, regrets and trying to accept her new life.

I was completely absorbed with the storyline. There were tiny flash-backs, but I liked reading them because it gave me a better glimpse on what actually happened and it kind of explains why Mac is why she is the way she is.

The chemistry and dynamics between Mac and Bentley is like I said, super cute. I love it when the Hero pursues the girl and I love that she is kind of broken.  Sometimes it’s so nice to swoon over the good guy.
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A Shattered Moment #1

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(Chapter 1 Excerpt)

Full Excerpt can be found on Tiffany King's Facebook Page HERE

Chapter 1
I should have left. I wanted to. The little voice in my head shrieked at me to step away from the door. To retreat down the narrow porch stairs and run away like I had been doing for the past year and half. The people inside the house were as familiar to me as my own family. Hell, they were family, and yet, as I stood with my hand shaking, inches away from the doorbell, I felt like I was drowning. My lungs constricted and threatened to collapse, crushing my will into a pile of dust that would blow away in the breeze. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I had grieved enough over the accident that changed everything. I was ready to move on, but the poignant, vivid memories of that night refused to release their stranglehold on me.

 My shrink, Dr. Carlton, insisted that memories were good, that accepting the pain would eventually heal me. The Grand Canyon-sized hole in my chest disagreed with him, which was why Dr. Carlton was soon to be my ex-shrink. Avoiding the pain was how I had survived every second, every minute, and every hour of every single day since that fatal night. It was crucial that I forget my former life and the friends I'd lost. More importantly, I had lost the love of my life, who was literally ripped from my arms along with our future together. Those weren't memories I wanted to cherish, no matter what that idiot, Dr. Carlton, insisted. No, the pain was better off buried in the deepest recesses of my broken heart, within the dark shadows of my crying soul.

 So, I did the only thing I could. I ran away. I ran from every memory and any reminder of my old life. Being abroad helped. Studying in Paris and painting in Madrid and Rome consumed my every waking moments, allowing me to fall into a dreamless exhausted slumber each night. Emails and letters from those I left behind remained unanswered, and my family quickly learned that any mention of my previous life was a taboo subject. It was the only way I could survive. The only way I wanted to survive.

 Somehow I managed to make it through one day, and then two, until finally, three hundred and sixty-five days had passed. My time aboard came to end and the painful memories of the accident were pushed away.

 I was worried about what would happen once my feet landed back on American soil, but after nearly a year back home, I had been able to keep the memories locked away in their prison. Well, until Dr. Carlton decided to use his maniacal pickax to chisel away at the thick block wall encasing those memories.

 Dr. Carlton wasn't the typical soft-stepping type of psychiatrist. He was a bully. At least, he was with me. He used words like fraud and coward and accused me of hiding from my past. Not that I cared. I could be a bitch right back at him. His name was actually Dr. Carlton Randall, but I called him by his first name to mess with him. I was well aware of what I was doing. The harshness of his accusations caused me to recoil breathlessly and shake with rage. He insinuated that I had failed my friends—that I was still failing my friends. He called me selfish and weak before asking the most betraying question of all. "What would Dan think of what I had become?"

 "Fuck you! That's what he would think," I yelled, slamming the door to Dr. Carlton's office. I vowed never to return like I had done about a dozen other times before.

 For two days after that I hid out in my tiny one room apartment, trying in vain to shove Dan back into the cement prison of my mind. Suddenly he was everywhere I looked. My apartment, which was located about ten miles from my college campus, had always been my own private oasis with its vibrant furnishings and all the paintings I had sent home from Madrid. Now, thanks to Dr. Dickhead Carlton, my sanctuary was wrought with a hurricane of memories of Dan and Kat. We'd always been Dan and Kat. Everyone said our names in one breath, sometimes bleeding them together into our celebrity couple name—DanKat. We were synced together for as long as I could remember, until in one moment, we were only—Kat.

I got to meet Tiffany when she came to Texas and I am so luck I did! She doesn't travel that much to the South. I love her new series and I'm excited to see where she will take it. It's so raw and gritty. It's wonderful. More Photos HERE 

USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iphone and ipad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.

Signed Paperback A Shattered Moment!

I met Tiffany at the RT Convention. I just read A Shattered Moment and it just did something to me. You know when you read a book and it completely leaves you breathless? I got that feeling and I had to meet her. Tiffany is an awesome author and I love that she is a mega fan of cats and Harry Potter (hello me too). I'm super excited about the series. It's about past mistakes and overcoming pains, regrets and hardships. It will gut you, but in a good way.

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