Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Signing - E.L. James [Photos]

E.L. James came to Sulphur Springs, Texas for Colleen Hoover's charity BookWorm Box.  It's a charity Colleen created, where, for a monthly subscription, you can get two random books signed by the author. The best part, 100% of the profits go to charity (the money goes to a different organization for each month). For more information about the charity click HERE

500 tickets were sold for the E.L. James signing and I was one of the lucky ones. Well, me and husband were one of the lucky ones that snagged a ticket before it sold out. The event raised $11K in just ticket sales. Go Colleen!

We weren't allowed to pose for photos so I was a bit disappointed that you can't see my face, but I'm completely happy I got Grey signed and some of my Fifty shades books.

We were limited to a certain amount of books. Sadly I still need Fifty Shades of Darker signed.

My cute husband being adorable. He thank Ms. James for writing the books. She asked if he read them and he told her no, but that I did and he thanked her again for writing the books. hehehehehe. Ms. James said he was making her blush!

2.5 hours of waiting in line, 2 hour drive and 10 seconds of pure happiness.  100% worth it.

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