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Just One Night (Just One Night, #1) by Kyra Davis [Review]

Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. She’s a rising-star-workaholic at a global consulting firm. She’s the fiancée of a well-connected man who’s won the approval of her parents. People know that she’s reliable, serious, proper, cautious, pragmatic, and yes, a little predictable. She’s who Dave and her family want her to be.
But as her thirtieth birthday looms, buried feelings begin to resurrect. Her friend takes her to Vegas for one last wild and crazy night. In a dress much shorter and sexier than anything she has ever dared to wear before, she hits the blackjack tables. And meets him. Under the tailored clothes it’s clear that this is a man who is intense, powerful, and maybe even a little dangerous. With a touch of trepidation she accepts his invitation to get a drink, and before long, she’s in his hotel room.

She never gets his full name. Perhaps his anonymity is one of the reasons she’s able to give herself over to him and to the moment so completely. Perhaps it’s why she’s just had the most exquisite and passionate sex of her life. Shaken by her own behavior, Kasie tries to chalk it up to one crazy night. But when the mysterious gentleman she’s just had a fling with shows up in her office—as the CEO of a firm her company does a billion dollars of business with a year, demanding that she handle his account, and so much more—things will never be the same again. And there’s no telling where this will go…

3 More than One Night Stars

“…when Robert touches me in just the right way, I forget. I forget what it is I want, or rather I forget that I want anything other than him.”

Just one Night is part of the Just One Night series and it can be read as a standalone, but there is a sequel called Just once More.  This book was original published in a serial with three books, but is now available in one pretty package.

This review will be tricky for me to write because I do not like cheating in books. So I will be writing this review as someone who is indifferent to cheating. I don’t usually warn readers, but if you have a problem with cheating, then this one is not for you. Meaning, don’t buy this book, then hate it because it has cheating. You have been informed.

Also, it’s not ALL what it seems. You will have to read the book to find out. So even if you have a mild aversion to cheating, you may want to partake on this (I know I said the opposite in my previous sentence, but it makes sense in my head I promise.

Now, if you are fine with cheating, heck even like it or are curious about it, then this one is for you.

Kasie is engaged to Dave. Dave is your typical sweet boyfriend you want to cheat on. He’s dependable, been there for six years and it’s only natural Kasie and Dave want to progress the relationship. Before Kasie gets married she wants to have one last “fling” and by fling she means get her flirt on in Las Vegas. BUT she does more than that. She has a full blown affair with Robert.
So let’s get to it right? The relationship between Kasie and Dave is strained. It seems that Kasie is with Dave out of obligation and because she cares for him, but she’s not in love with him. Davie is the kind of guy you want to be friends with, but you don’t want to rip your panties off for. Everyone kind of supports Kasie in having fun on the side (yes, kind of crazy), but they don’t approve of the affair. That I can agree with.

Kasie is your typical cheating Heroine in the sense, she can’t break it off with Dave because it will break his poor little tiny heart. You feel for her… sort of, but it does add a lot of angst to the story.
Robert is sexy, rich and he doesn’t care that Kasie is engaged. I kind of wondered if she would keep that a secret and I liked she had it out in the open. I liked how Robert pursued Kasie and there is nothing better than reading the Hero chase after the Heroine.

There’s a lot of back and forth between all three characters. Kasie has a complex because she doesn’t want to hurt Dave, yet she can’t stop herself from sleeping with Robert. So she has fun times with Robert, but then feels super guilty. Just when you think she is going to break it off with Dave, something happens.

Like I said earlier, not everything is what is seems and around the 30% mark the book shifts and it changes your perspective on some of the characters. It also becomes a bit more angsty. So if that is your cuppa, you need to read this.

This book has mixed reviews and it’s because of the cheating and angst. If you have a problem with it, don’t read it. But if you don’t have a problem with it, then you will get your fix and then some. It’s super steamy and will let your fantasies go wild.

An Arc was Provided
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Kyra Davis is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Just One Night, Pure Sin and Sophie Katz series as well as So Much For My Happy Ending. Just One NIght has been optioned for television by Anonymous, (the producers of True Detective)
Before publishing her first book, Sex, Murder And A Double Latte in 2005 Kyra supported herself and her son as a marketing manager for a sports club and before that was a department manager at Nordstrom’s Savvy department. She studied at The Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising and Golden Gate University.
Kyra now lives with her husband (director and screenwriter, Rod Lurie), her teenage son (proud science-geek and Hawaiian-Shirt-aficionado), dog (champion eater and guardian of the backyard…no squirrel will dare set foot in it) and gecko (the gecko doesn’t do

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