Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Untouchable by Ava Marsh [Review]

Spend a night of sexual adventure with this gritty, debut thriller.

In a toxic world of lust, lies, and elegant hotels, London’s high-class escorts cater to the carnal appetites of powerful men. It’s a game Stella knows how to play, one that allows her to escape the nightmares of her past. The rules are simple: always leave your client satisfied, don’t get involved, and never disclose your real name. But when a fellow call girl is murdered, the game changes completely. And there’s only one rule—survival.

Once a respected professional, Stella knows how easily men can get away with murder—especially when the victim is a prostitute. Determined to get to the truth, she finds herself sucked into a deadly conflict with some of the world’s most powerful men. But while they may consider themselves above the law, there’s one secret every escort knows: no man is truly untouchable.

 4.5 A little Dark and A little Taboo Stars
Untouchable is Ava Marsh’s debut novel. Untouchable kind of reminds of Aleatha Romig books, like Insidious and K.A. Tucker’s Burying Water series, in the sense Untouchable is not full of romance, but more suspenseful and a little taboo.

 Stella is an escort. She is good at her job and she doesn’t have any intentions of giving up the profession. What I found so fascinating about this read was that this book touched the not so glamorous side of prostitution.  Not every client is an attractive billionaire and this really got me interested.

The beginning starts with a mini prologue, if you are like me and you don’t like to read any foreshadowing, I suggest you skip this part. It won’t take away anything from the story. I was instantly hit in the face with story from chapter one.

I wouldn’t say Untouchable is graphic, but there’s detail where you get the full picture. It’s a very descriptive book. For example, Stella also works at parties with other escorts and there is a scene with multiple partners and drugs. It was really really really fascinating to read. The guys were kind of rough and the girls went into it as a “job”.

A girl is murdered and Stella is all of sudden in the middle of it. She doesn’t understand why her friend is killed and Stella can’t help, but pursue the mystery. Throughout the book Stella takes on clients and starts different kind of relationships with them. Like I said, the book isn’t overly romantic, but there is a tiny part of it and that kept me in the story.

What I really enjoyed was how different this book was. I liked how it was a little dark, taboo and suspenseful. With every client Stella meets, I was always wondering how this guy would be different and how he would interact with Stella.

If you are into darkish reads with suspenseful plot, then this one is for you.

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Ava Marsh grew up in Margate, Kent. A former broadsheet journalist, she now works as a freelancer in the charity sector and writes novels.
Ava lives in Battersea, London. Her hobbies include running, kayaking and photography.

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