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Caressa's Knees (Comfort Series, #2) by Annabel Joseph

Caressa’s Knees (Comfort Series, #2)Caressa’s Knees by Annabel Joseph
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Originally I wasn’t a fan of the comfort series, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for BDSM books, but book one, Comfort Object was just a bit too extreme for me. I thought Jeremy was a jerk and a bit harsh at times and Nell was just too eager to please, but that was book 1 and it went by fairly quickly for me. Why did I decide to start book 2, Caressa’s Knee’s, it was just there. I was pleasantly surprised on how much more I liked this book than Comfort Object.

I liked Kyle, although I thought the author made him more in love with Nell, than what he actually was, but that’s the story of the book. Kyle goes into the deep end because he can’t get over Nell. Jeremy kind of helps Kyle get cleaned up and helps Kyle get a job by being Caressa’s assistant. I am not a fan of Caressa, even after it’s explained why she is the way she is, I still couldn't be on her side. She is too needy, childish and just down what selfish.

Sometimes I felt like this is what the book was about, Caressa has a tantrum, Kyle calms her down, she likes it and then right when everything is good, Caressa has a tantrum again and thus begin the cycle. It was a bit annoying, but Kyle is so sweet, I kind of just over looked Caressa’s personality. This book was a lot tamer than book 1, which I liked, but it still had everything you were looking for, so in the end, it was a decent read.

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