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Reached (Matched, #3) by Ally Condie

Reached (Matched, #3)Reached by Ally Condie
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I have mixed feelings about the Matched series. I really liked book 1, Matched. The three characters Ally Condie created each have their own characteristic, interesting traits and flaws, making them human and believable. I am also a fan of Dystopian books so that helps too. Cassia is a regular girl living in Society a place where the government rules what you eat, what you do and who you marry. Cassia is about to be matched and everyone knows it’s going to be with her long best friend and perfect Xander, and she is. When she goes home to view the microcard that has information on Xander, she actually gets a microcard on someone else, Ky. Ky isn’t part of Society, he’s an “outcast”.

Matched is interesting, it’s a big love triangle and throughout the whole book, you try to figure out Society’s secrets. Moving on to book 2, Crossed, it was what I like to call a “filler” book. There were still interesting facts to be learn and Cassia’s relationship with both Ky and Xander grow.

Book 3 Reached was still an interesting read, but a little disappointing. I am not sure if Ally Condie is contracted to write another book, so as I read Reached, I assumed it's the conclusion. You learn more about the characters, Society and Rising, however there really isn’t the love story I was looking for. Cassia, Xander and Ky each have their own story, and never really intermingling until the middle-end of the book. I love tension in the book, but to have tension from book 2 almost to the end of book 3, I was irritated. The ending was sort of concluded, but left with enough opening to make me think there’s a book 4, however Ally Condie didn’t leave off with a cliff hanger ending she is known for.

I wouldn’t recommend this series, unless the love story doesn’t really interest you and you really like dystopian books.

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