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UnLikely Allies by Tiffany King

Unlikely AlliesUnlikely Allies by Tiffany King
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3 Stars

Unlikely Allies is a short, easy read with nothing out of ordinary writing. I don’t have anything bad to say nor do I have anything great to say about this book, I guess I am just indifferent.

Kimberly is from California and it’s the summer before she goes to college, her mom just told Kimberly who her father is. Angry Kimberly finds her dad and plans to spend her summer with him and she soon realizes her father runs a camp in the middle of woods for unfit teens. Kimberly meets Mason. Mason was adopted by her father years earlier. Almost everyone, including Kimberly’s father warms to her except for Mason and she doesn’t understand why.

I really liked the beginning of the book. I like how Kimberly is experiencing new things and you are along for the ride. I also like how the relationship between Kimberly and Dad and camp friends is smooth. The tension between Kimberly and Mason is great; it’s makes for a great read.

The book starts going downhill when we start to see the attraction from Mason to Kimberly. I blame the shortness in the book in not following through with building up the characters. I felt like the beginning had great flow, but then towards the end, there were a lot of things going on and all these new emotions were coming out of nowhere and it made it a hard to believe read.

The dialogue between Kimberly and Mason towards the middle-end of the book was just too typical and a bit juvenile. The teasing could have been written better. I feel like Mason and Kimberly’s relationship wasn’t built up properly and it fell flat.

Overall the story line is good, I like the part about the camp, the woods and even the ending. I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if there was an additional 200 pages and more if it about building the relationship between the two characters.

If you want a light easy read, this book is for you.

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