Monday, January 14, 2013

Charade (Games, #1) Nyrae Dawn

5 Stars

"I Pull her close. Wishing she could climb inside me or me her."

I can’t believe Nyrae Dawn wrote What a Boy Wants AND Charade. I gave What A Boy Wants a very low rating because I thought the writing was awful, but I am absolutely in love with Charade. I just hope from here and on Dawn mirrors the style of writing and story more like Charade.


Cheyenne goes to the same college as her boyfriend and she doesn’t know anyone. Cheyenne’s boyfriend has been at college for a few years, so when Cheyenne finally is able to go to college, she realizes she has been cheated on. The break-up is a bit messy and Cheyenne tells her, now, ex she has someone else already, so Cheyenne needs to find a boyfriend. Colt is dealing with his dying Mom and needs extra cash to help with caring for his Mom, when Cheyenne strikes a deal with Colt by asking Colt to be Cheyenne’s fake boyfriend, Colt accepts.


I know my summary really isn’t the summary of the book, but it’s enough to give you the overall feel of Charade. I originally wasn’t impressed with the summary, I found it kind of blah, but I do love the whole “fake-boyfriend” thing, so I gave it a shot and boy I am glad I did!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Charade, it’s a dramatic read I just squeal with delight when I come across it. From the first page, I was thinking to myself, “why is this book so short?!”, I wanted to read 200 more pages of Cheyenne and Colt, I. Could. Not. Get. Enough..

Cheyenne and Colt have their own back stories and problems and for the first part, almost all is reveled and I was very satisfied with this. Charade is Cheyenne and Colt’s story and how they deal with personal problems, it’s a book, I absolutely, 100%, just-can’t-put-down, love to read. I don’t like issues being bigger than what they need to be and Dawn formed the right balance. The things that needed to be addressed were and the things that needed to be nip in the butt were.


Let me get it out there, power to the ethnic girls, I love reading books where the girl isn’t your traditional “American” gal, it doesn’t really make a difference, but it means something to me. I liked Cheyenne, sure she isn’t all that personable, but I was really interested on how she was coping with herself. The whole being perfect could have been downplayed a bit more, but overall, I was happy with her character.


I hate to say it, but I love the bad, tattoo wearing, hard-around-the-edges guy, they are just too delicious. When I found out how Colt makes his money, I was sold, I felt like Dawn was just genius because it was completely realistic. I actually stopped reading and had to talk to my husband about Charade and even though husband wasn’t reading it, I didn’t care because I needed to talk to someone right then and there. Colt is an arse, but you can’t help but root for him. Everyone wants to fix the damaged guys right?


Cheyenne and Colt aren’t perfect characters; you hate them at times and learn to love them. I wouldn’t describe their relationship epic, but very dramatic and intense. This isn’t an easy read, it’s an very emotional roller coaster, BUT not pull your hair out read, just all around RAW. There are no fillers in the book, it was as if only the meat of the story was told and it was just beautiful. I even liked the side characters and am so excited for book 2, Façade. Other than the silly cover, I have no issues with Charade. It’s not like what it seems, as you read more, you start to unravel many layers and the deeper you get into the story, you just so sucked up and wrapped with the characters, you just ball your eyes out when you realized the story is over. I.Love.That

I highly recommend.

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