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The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) by Paullina Simons

4 Stars

”…I’ll warn you right now that everything you’ve seen will increase a hundredfold now that you’re my wife.”


“Yes. Protectiveness. Possessiveness. Jealousy. All of it. A hundredfold…”

I don’t even know how to start this review. I will first write a general review, then I will have to hide the rest so I don’t spoil it because there are certain things I want to talk about.

One word to describe THE BRONZE HORSEMAN is …. WOW. I can’t even describe what I just read. More words to describe ….

I.Could.Not.Stop.Reading, do you understand what I am saying?


Tatiana is 17 years old and Alexander is a 23 year old army soldier. Right before the brink of WWII, Tatiana and Alexander meet at the bus station. However, Tatiana didn’t meet Alexander first. Through war problems, family issues and other obstacles Tatiana and Alexander form a relationship.

[First Impressions]

Let’s be honest, the first 300 pages were fairly dry and slow. I wanted to put the book down after the first 50 pages, but after reading all the reviews, I forced myself to get to at least get 1/3 into the book. There were many parts I started to skim. I can read War books, but usually non-fiction ones, so when it became too war-ishy, I kind of brushed past those parts. I was just interested in Tatiana and Alexander, so when I got to the bus scene I was thinking to myself THANK YOU, they finally meet. I love how the relationship formed in the beginning, the only way to describe is just pure innocence.

Of course there has to be one huge obstacle. Dasha, Tatiana’s sister, met and liked Alexander first. I have a sister that is 7 years older than me and we are VERY close, so I can understand the torment Tatiana went through. Tatiana loved Dasha so much she stepped aside and let Dasha have Alexander and against Alexander’s wishes of course.


In the beginning, I HATED Tatiana, how can someone create a character like her? I can’t stand martyrs, CAN.NOT.STAND. You hear me?! I just wanted to slap Tatiana, why didn’t you listen to Alexander? He told you to get your twin brother out of the army, he told you to buy more oil, he told you to not give food away, I mean I could go on and on. I understand having a selfless heroine, but when the selfless heroine becomes ridiculously frustrating, I wanted to throw the book at the wall. The only thing I can say is about 70% into the book, I really liked Tatiana, in fact I gained more respect and started to see what she really was, a good person.


Oh, what can I say about crazy Alexander. In the beginning I didn’t have any impression of Alexander, only that he knew what he want and he was the most reasonable person on earth. From the start he wanted to be with Tatiana and he only did what Tatiana said even if it went against his wishes, so, you really did feel his love for her. About 50% in, you get a different side of Alexander and boy that was when it got good for me. Words to describe Alexander… passionate, strong, crazy, dominate, determine, sexy, possessive and ridiculous a character I absolutely LOVE to read!

[Love Story]

THE BROZNE HORSEMAN is one EPIC WAR love story. There is no denying the love between Tatiana and Alexander. The love is so intense; I think I held my breath in so many scenes because I was on edge so much. Don’t even get me started on the “honeymoon” scenes, I mean I enjoyed them, it was a surprising and refreshing change of pace, BUT I felt like it didn’t quite fit. I think the “honeymoon” was probably the only “happy” part and I kind of didn’t want it, just because I knew it was a tease.

Oh, yes, almost the first 50% is ONE.BIG TEASE. One of the reasons why I couldn’t stop reading, I had to get through the emotional drama and of course there are many more emotional dramatic parts, which makes you feel like you never know where things will go.

[Overall Opinion]

THE BROZNE HORSEMAN is not a story for everyone, for one, the story is VERY LONG, there are many repetitive parts and the ending will leave you dropping your jaw, HOWEVER, if you are like me and you love an intense, almost faint, going crazy LOVE STORY, then I highly recommend THE BROZNE HORSEMAN. I will move on to book 2, Tatiana and Alexander BECAUSE I must know what is next.

I had mixed emotions throughout, but it wasn’t until I got the last page and reflected and realized, wow, this was a really great read.

If you have read the book, click on VIEW SPOILERS below, because I need to rant on some parts.

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