Thursday, February 21, 2013

Come Away with me (With me in Seattle, #1) by Kristen Proby

4 Stars

I’ve never wanted a man like I want Luke. I want to consume him. I want him fast and hard, and I want him to take all day.

Natalie takes a morning stroll along the beach to take scenic pictures. Luke thinks Natalie is taking pictures of him and he doesn’t like it. Luke tries to take Natalie’s camera and Natalie thinks she is being mugged. Natalie doesn’t do relationships and likes her independence. Luke just wants privacy, but is attracted and intrigued by Natalie.

Come Away With Me could be describe as a no-nonsense, light, non-dramatic, romantic contemporary read. It’s the kind of the book where if you are in that kind of mood, it does the job.

The blurb is cute and instantly from chapter one I was interested. Natalie and Luke had what I like to call a “meet-cute”. Also, Proby references the title in the story and that is something I always look for in my reads, so props to the author.

I like Natalie. She wasn’t dramatic, emotional or annoying. Natalie is a very passionate photographer and kind of just lives a care-free life. Of course it’s obvious who Luke is and it’s pretty much the reason why I wanted to read Come Away With Me. Luke is very handsome, successful and knows important contacts. Natalie doesn’t treat Luke like the way other people do and it makes him like Natalie a lot more.

You’re a terms of endearment kind of guy huh? I sand on my toes and kiss his lips gently and his eyes warm up.

Obviously , baby.

Come Away With Me may not be the book for everyone. If you like high tension and drama, you won’t get it, but I wouldn’t say it’s exactly boring. Sometimes it’s nice to curl up with a warm-too-good-feeling book.

I recommend.

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