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Stolen by Lucy Christopher

StolenStolen by Lucy Christopher
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2 Stars

What a disappointing read

I saw the mixed reviews and figured since Stolen won so many awards, it couldn’t be that bad…. ug, it was.

Let me just explain my issues with books with kidnapping, they are hard to write. I read a lot of books about kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome and its very difficult for me to keep interest because there can only be so much plot.

Better kidnapping books to read are, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts and Slave by Sherri Hayes (mind you, these are older reads, so maybe that is why I enjoy them more).

Gemma is 16 years old and on her way to Vietnam, she is kidnapped by Ty. Ty takes Gemma to the Australian Outback, where no one is around for miles. As Ty tries to form a relationship with Gemma, Gemma does everything she cans to escape.

Stolen was written from Gemma’s point of view via a letter to Ty. Already, I hate this. I do not like the way it was written and it reminds me a lot like Taken by Kelli Maine, a book I wasn’t a fan of either (mainly due to the writing style). I hate the way Gemma references Ty as “you”, the whole idea of the letter was ridiculous and didn’t work for me.

Stolen had no depth and the characters were just flat. I wanted to see deep seeded issues with Ty and all I got was one lousy crying scene and a few outbursts where Ty almost hits Gemma, oh big deal. I just didn’t see a true bond form because Gemma kept on wanting to runaway. I do not believe Gemma had Stockholm syndrome and even though we read moments where she couldn’t look at him because he was too beautiful, it just didn’t seem like that was enough of a reason.

When I finally got to the ending I was just thinking to myself, really this is how it’s going to end? I mean, it was so anti-climatic and just a pure let-down.

Overall, there was no tension and I couldn’t get into the characters. I do not recommend.

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