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I love you to death (I love you, #1) by Natalie Ward

I Love You to Death (I Love You, #1)I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward
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3 Stars

They say love makes the world go around, but that's just not true. It's infinite and it can do so much more than that.

I’m really baffled because I loved the summary, but I didn’t get the reaction that most reviewers got. I was not a fan of I love you to Death

Ash’s boyfriend dies and she thinks it’s her fault. Actually, a lot of people die in Ash’s life and somehow she has connected the deaths to herself. So, when Luke starts working with her and notices Ash, Ash does everything she can to distance herself from Luke, in essence to save him.

I think the most off putting part is realizing how many people die in Ash’s life and how it relates to Ash. I feel AWFUL for Ash. I mean, talk about a sob story? Ash actually isn’t annoying or dramatic, the main issue I have is the descriptive writing style. I’ll admit that I started to skim over the narrative parts. Another thing I couldn’t stand was the flash blacks and I skimmed those as well. I didn’t care for the back stories. I didn’t care to read each person’s death, read how they meant something to Ash. This should have been edited.

Luke is sweet, cute and adorable. I really didn’t get the bad boy vibe, other than the fact I was told he had tattoos and a buzz cut, oh and he’s the lead singer of a band, which didn’t really have any significance in the story.

I don’t know what to say, I wish there was less descriptive narrative, I wish Ward didn’t explain every freaking death, I wish Luke’s rocker bad boy vibe was more apparent, finally I wish the ending wasn’t so obvious.

I was waiting for the climatic ending and when I read it, I was kind of like oh, finally the story is ending! I think the only part I enjoyed is when Ash and Luke interacted.

Overall I love you to death is a little different, a nice love story, but the writing style wasn’t for me.

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