Thursday, February 14, 2013

Safe Haven by Nicholas SParks

4 Stars

Safe Haven was a light pleasant slightly cheesy read. An overall well rounded romance that gets the job done, but nothing out of the ordinary

My rating really is between 3.5 to 4 stars, but considering I read Safe Haven in one sitting, I decided to go with 4 stars.

Katie has been living in small town Southport for about 2 months. She’s the mysterious waitress that keeps to herself and doesn’t bother anyone. Alex is a widow and has 2 young kids. He owns a small shop in town and Katie catches Alex’s eye when she comes in to the shop, but Katie is really skittish and he’s intrigued to why.

Love the blurb right? I wanted to read Safe Haven for one reason only, the trailer to the movie seemed interesting. In full disclosure, I am not a Nicholas Sparks fan, I think I’ve seen more movies than read his books. I read The Lucky One and wasn’t a fan, so I went into Safe Haven slightly biased, but I am happy to have my opinion change.

I really liked the overall plot/story line. You have a woman on the run from her ex-husband (this was no mystery) and then there’s the handsome single dad, who doesn’t like single dads? So swoon-worthy. I want to say the first 50% was really interesting and I was just enjoying the ride. However, I had some issues afterwards.

I thought the relationship between Katie and Alex’s moved so perfectly, until the 50% mark and I was just kind of like what?! I don’t know, it seemed like they went from nothing to all out too quickly. I was interested in the flashbacks, but I wished the flashbacks were presented in a huge chunk either in the beginning or in the middle, I didn’t like to read sprinkles throughout, the flow just didn’t work for me.

I don’t want to give anything away but the last 10%? REALLY?! I wanted to do away with that part, it was 100% cheesy, ridiculous and unnecessary.

Overall, if you like to read a woman on the run, a single dad and mild action, then Safe Haven is for you.

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