Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happenstance (A Second Chance, #1) by M.J. Abraham

3.5 Stars

Love is a gamble and sometimes it hurts, but whether you win or lose being in love is a beautiful thing

I really wanted to like Happenstance, I thought the summary/blurb was interesting, the cover was cute and who doesn’t like a vet doctor… BUT at lass, it just didn’t quite work out.

Happenstance felt like it was smashing too many plots into one story… a flop in my opinion

Victoria is divorced because her ex-husband cheated on her, so she is guarded. Jared is a vet and meets Victoria when she brings in a stray she hits with her car. Jared purses Victoria but Victoria is pretty jaded because of her ex.

So the blub isn’t much, but it holds so many possibilities right? I was under the impressing I was reading a light-hearted book and I wasn’t expecting anything grand, but I also didn’t want a subpar reading either. Where do I even begin?

Victoria was ridiculous! I understand guarded characters, but why would she not want to be with Jared when he has been everything, but perfect and then date Steven at the same time?! It didn’t make sense or even girl sense. I had serious issues with Victoria and she kept pissing me off.

Let’s talk about that one part of the book and we all know what I am talking about. When I read what happened, I had to pause and think to myself “wtf did I just read? I thought this was a light hearted book?!” I had no idea why that chapter was written, so the relationship should shift, but really? Suffice it to say, I felt like Abraham had a check list of what make a juicy story and another box was checked off. I didn’t think that part was necessary.

The first 30% of book is held in August and I really didn’t understand the “time-line”, it just felt off. And then, towards the middle-end the time-line was moving too fast and I couldn’t really see how Jared and Victoria progressing, it just wasn’t working for me. The climatic-ending was just…. I don’t know what to say… I was rolling my eyes and yes I’ll admit! I finally started to skim!!! I think I was over the whole thing.

Then the chapter before the epilogue…. What do I even say to that? It was like throwing a Band-Aid against a problem. It was if there were so many problems in Happenstance the best solution was just to fix it all in one paragraph.

I know my rant is long and honestly I could have given a 2.5 or 3 star rating, but I feel like 3.5 was justified because there was so much potential. It could have been a good read, I mean Jared’s character was spot on and I enjoyed him, but editing is so important. Overall, It was a nice try and I won’t write Abraham off just yet.

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