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Wait for you (Wait for you, #1) by J Lynn

5 Stars

I usually give out 5 stars for dramatic reads and it’s rare for me to like a light slightly intense book so much, but Waiting For You deserves 5 stars

…He was failing-in-love-with material. And I couldn’t let that happen

Something happened to Avery five years ago and she goes to college thousands of miles away to start over…to get a fresh new start. Cam is the hunky player on campus and has a class with Avery. Cam is very intrigued by Avery, but because of her past, Avery is guarded. Despite Avery’s reluctance towards Cam, he still pursues her.

Three main things got me excited over Waiting For You

One: Jennifer L. Armentrout (J. Lynn)

Two: The summary/blurb

Three: The Cover (I know, I shake my head in shame)

I like Arementrout and no, I haven’t scored any of her books a five star rating (until now), but I came very close a few times. I am a huge fan of the LUX series and Cursed and Tempting the best man were equally decent enjoyable reads. I am very surprised that I liked Waiting For You so much and it goes to show Authors really do listen to the readers, because I believe Arementrout hit the mark.

Aspects I enjoy and look forward to in a read

One: Tension (Mild to hard)

Two: No flashbacks (even though there’s a past issue referenced)

Three: Title referenced within the story

Four: Well-rounded, yet somewhat damaged, but equally balanced Hero and Heroine.

You coming back over?


Okay. I’ll wait for you.

I was instantly interested within the first six pages, I remember starting my read and thinking, I need to allocate the next four to six hours of my time so I can finish because I would not be stopping (I had to eventually b/c I had work the next day). There are few books that draw me in within the first few pages, but the writing style was a no fuss kind of way that just drew me in.

This isn’t a deeply intense book, but the mild tension was enough for me. I loved the slow character development and it wasn’t like Avery and Cam just got together, no, the relationship formed quiet beautifully. I liked Avery, although she did annoy me towards the end and I was close to considering a 4.5 star rating, but all that was changed within the next few pages (it wasn’t dragged out). Cam is the easy, strong, pursuing guy I love to read, reminds me a lot of like The boy who sneaks into my bedroom window and a little bit of Beautiful Disaster to a certain extent.

Kissed me like he was a man starving for oxygen and I was the only air he needed to breathe… Cam devoured me.

The underlying issues were a little obvious, but I was still shocked at the end (that was a nice touch). I wasn’t really interested on what happened to Avery, I was more involved with the Avery / Cam dynamics. The threaten phone calls and emails were added for dramatic effect, but like I said again, Wait for you was more of a love story of two people trying to overcome issues to be together.

I gave five stars because I was 100% intrigued from page one, I loved the characters and I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling when I finished.

You’re a good guy Cam

No, I am not… I’m only good with you

My only complaint … I wish it was a series, please, write another book, referencing Beth, Jase or Ollie, I don’t care who, I just want more!

I recommend.

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