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Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1) by Angela Richardson

5 Stars

100% Spoiler Free (I’m NOT GIVING ANYTHING AWAY)

There are moments in your life that can change you forever, and you Norah, you are my forever moment.

I JUST finished Pieces of Lies and I’m an Emotional Wreck…. OMG what a freaking fantastic roller coaster!!!

There is just so much that goes on and I don’t want to give anything away so I will tell you my version of the summary you should know…


Norah is in her senior year in college and just transferred schools from NY to Morewell. Off bat, we know Norah is rich, she has a lot of issues, but we don’t know why she’s rich or what her issues are (this is super interesting for me). Norah has a best friend Josh who is trying to get into a secret society called “Lappell”. Josh brings Norah as his date to one of Lappell’s parties and there Norah meets the group leader, Clint. Clint is very rich, arrogant and seems to be interested in Norah, but continues to push her away, but doesn’t tell Norah why. So, Norah has to deal with Josh and Clint, but also her past is starting to creep up on her.

[My feelings]

At 1%, I liked the beginning and just hoped the tone would continue

At 28% I was just hooked, COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN – HOOKED

At 62% I screamed “WHAT?!” I.DID.NOT.SEE.THAT.COMING!!!

At 63%-98% My heart was racing, and I didn’t know who to trust (it was crazy awesome intense)

At 99% I was screaming NO! CLIFF-HANGER ENDING …but secretly happy b/c I WANT MORE!

[The Players]


Straight out, I’m going to say it…. Norah is one badda$$ Heroine. I LOVED Norah. Norah is confident, doesn’t play games, owns up to sh!t AND even when she was emotional (because she is a girl), I STILL LOVED HER! Yep, Angela Richardson created a girl who was not only, awesome, cool, but complex and muti-layered. Having Pieces of Lies written completely from Norah’s POV was perfect for me.

I don’t think being polite for polite’s sake makes you a better person. I try to be as genuine as I can afford.

When he kissed me, the darkness in me lifted and I felt light.

I cannot tell you how many times I read novels about undeceive Heroines and how much they annoy me, so when I read Pieces of Lies and faced myself with a love triangle I was waiting for those resenting feelings to surface, BUT I NEVER GOT IT!

Every time Norah faced an obstacle, that I didn’t understand, she would ask those questions and faced them. It was like I was part of her character. It’s so refreshing to read a smart girl with a no-fuss attitude.

Josh and Clint

Let me just say this, there’s no clear bad or good guy, both Heroes faces his own issues, which yes, usually pisses me off. I LOVE a clear cut Hero and I LOVE a clear cut villain, but somehow (and this goes to show Richardson’s awesome writing) she made me want to root for both guys.

Throughout the whole book, you do not know who you can trust (and this makes me love the title). I love how not obvious the writing is and how you go up and down with all of these conflicting emotions between Josh and Clint.


YES, Norah picks a guy in the end. I think it’s very valid I make that point.

Norah, you are not just the girl I want to marry but you’re my every aching desire


[The story]

SO.MUCH.GOES.ON. There was never a dry moment. Every time I turned the page I was constantly saying “WHAT?!” And when you find out Norah’s secret…. alI can say is that it’s GOOD!

The writing is fabulous and yes there’s over the top cheesy sayings, but I squeal with delight, b/c I think they are freaking amazing! I was highlighting so much. Yes, tell me declarations of love, yes tell me you love me, yes fight for me!!!

To me, real love fights to survive. It endures pain and finds light when there is only darkness.

I just can’t get over my feelings and emotions right now. I need book 2 Pieces of Truth like yesterday.

I recommend if you like awesome Heroines, intense love triangles, and revealing crazy awesome secrets.

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