Friday, March 22, 2013

Sever by Lauren DeStefano

2 Stars

It seems you either loved or hated Sever and I will be in the latter category. I can list a lot of reasons why I disliked this book, so where do I even begin?

Let me first say this, I do not like to give negative reviews and I usually try to write something positive, but I just can’t and I apologize a head of time..

Sever is just ridiculously terrible.

There is a reason why it took me a MONTH to finish it.

The plot didn’t make sense and I felt like I was reading in circles that involved a bunch of overly emotional irrational characters that acted like chickens with their heads cut off.

Somewhat spoilerish review..

First off, where the F was Gabriel? I thought Sever would be about Rhine finding Gabriel but she just ends up “relaxing” at Vaughn’s brother's house because Cecily complains? I didn’t understand that.

I’ve always liked Linden, but I soon see Linden is a just big girl. He believes and does what his father wants with no regard towards Rhine and Cecily’s feelings. That sh!t was okay for book 1 and 2, but we are in book 3 now and I’m just so over it! Oh and Cecily is so annoying and I really just wanted DeStefano to kill her off!

The summary clearly tells you that Rowan is working with the resistance… first off, where the F was Rowan in book 1 and 2? Okay, I get he wasn’t in book 1 and I’ll let it go that he wasn’t in book 2 BUT to show up in the latter half of book 3 is just…. STUPID?! Just write that crap off, I felt like Rhine’s brother was a loose story line that needed to be wrapped up.

A lot of people died for no reason, but what for dramatic effect? Oh and you find out the twist for the climatic ending and you are like, WTF that is the twist? Are you serious? REALLY?! Ug okay.

Overall I should have stopped with book 1, but I had to freaking finish and this series was a complete waste of time. It’s just so sad b/c I really liked the whole concept and the cover is very pretty.

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