Sunday, April 7, 2013

All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2) by Raine Miller

4 to 4.5 Stars… overall 4.25

… Quotes to come…

I’m going to go against my book club and rate All In an above 4 star book. I thought All In was an overall pleasant and delightful read.

Book 1, Naked left off on a major cliff-hanger, my review HERE

In full disclosure, yes, All In does have a cliff-hanger ending, however, it’s a closed one and I’m okay with it (which is good considering book 3 doesn’t come out until 6 weeks later!)

If you haven’t read the series, I suggest you wait, considering each book so far has been fairly short.

All In is from Ethan’s POV! Yes, I LOVE the male’s prospective and yes, I am happy to read from Ethan’s POV! I am glad I did pick up Naked and Miller will be one of the authors I watch out for.

All In picks right up where Naked left off and I think to myself, what does Ethan do to win Brynne back? Will there be a lot of tension? Will Brynne act kind of mean? Well, first off, Ethan struggles in the beginning of the book and we kind of get a glimpse of how much he feels towards Brynne and I’ve read the reviews, this is a compliant for some people, but I really enjoyed those parts.

Ethan messed up! I am glad he is distraught and yes it’s a little over-the-top at times, but I love those in my reads!

Brynne doesn’t act annoying and both characters are all around interesting and somewhat level headed. Of course there’s tension and banter. We start to see external characters, like ex’s and family members and thank you for that because it just builds up the story. I am also happy that All In is slightly longer than the first book.

I like Ethan. I wouldn’t put him on my list of book boyfriends...yet, but he does have all the qualities I look for in one (except for the goatee).

I love me a successful, dominate, alpha, possessive, insanely jealous, yet slightly damaged Hero. Please BRING.HIM.ON! We do get to know Ethan a bit more, but not everything is reveled, and that is a good thing, it just means book 3 will still be as dramatic.

All In isn’t for everyone. I think there are a few issues that kind of turn off some people, but I’m an avid reader and when I see potential, I respect it and encourage it. I still have hope for Miller and I will be looking forward to book 3, Eyes Wide Open

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