Monday, April 1, 2013

The Love Game (The Game, #1) by Emma Hart

3 Stars

These might be sweatpants, but they happen to fit you really well, especially around that a$$... so if we stop, it won’t be for f&cking McDonalds

BIG Disappointing SIGH

I am sorry, but I JUST.DID.NOT.GET The Love Game and I don’t know why. It had everything I love in a read. Awesome cover? Check. Man-whore? Check . Steamy tension? Check. College setting? Check.

So why did I not enjoy this like so many reviewers?


Yep, that pretty much seems it up. Let me rephrase the summary. Girl is pressured to play a game, she makes bad boy fall in love with her and then she sleeps with him and then walks away. At the very same time, Boy is pressured to play a game, he “humps and dumps” her because why not right? Oh and what will happen next?!

Obvious much? Yes, BUT that wasn’t my problem, I just thought the “game” was not enough drama for me. I thought Maddie and Braden formed a “relationship” too quickly. I thought the climatic-ending was very anticlimactic. I wanted something else, heck I wanted Maddie’s brother to go ape-sh!t on her, but never did.

The side characters were okay. I didn’t understand why Megan and Braden were best friends because Megan is a total bia (to Braden). I thought there was going to be a twist, like both sets of friends were setting Maddie and Braden up, but nope there is no twist.

I thought something crazy was going to happen in Las Vegas, but nope, just a bunch of drinking and a few steamy scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love light hearted reads, but something just didn’t click with me on this one.

I liked the overall writing style and the length was perfect, so I am not going to give up on Emma Hart. I think I will just be a little bit pickier.

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