Sunday, March 31, 2013

Listed: (Listed serial novel, #1 through #6) by Noelle Adams

Overall 5 Stars

I finished the series and here is my overall review...

What a fantastic read! I have to say, I am fairly impressed with Noelle Adam and I am so happy I took on a risk and decided to read Listed

When I first read the summary I was a little impressed, but kind of nervous because of the lack of reviews, but I figured since there’s 6 novellas it wouldn’t hurt to start with one.


Emily has 3 months to live. She has compiled a list of 14 things she wants to do before she dies and one of them is to get married. Paul wants Emily to testify in his father’s trial because she overheard incriminating evidence that would help put Paul’s father in jail. Emily tells Paul she will testify if Paul helps Emily complete her list, including marrying her. Paul agrees.


Okay, so you are probably thinking is this going to be a sad book? Yes and no. Yes because Emily is dying and no because the story is so unrealistic. I basically read it as a fantasy. I am a huge fan of the whole damsel-in-distress story line and Listed is so there.

One of the most important things I look for in any romance novel is character development between the Hero and Heroine and you get that in Listed . I love there is no insta-love. I didn’t want Paul to look at Emily and magically fall in love with her, but I also didn’t want Paul to dislike her either. Paul treated Emily on a business-like level in the beginning and it was just really nice seeing the friendship form.

My favorite part is when Emily started to get symptoms and the story kind of shifted. You felt bad for Emily, yet it was really nice seeing Paul take care of Emily and going crazy with the fact that the girl is dying. Tragic I know, but it makes for a great read. There are a few steamy parts, but overall the story is pretty mild.

I really liked the writing style and flow of the book. Everything worked for me and I’m going to keep Noelle Adams on my radar.

The ending will leave you happy, so no tears. If you want something light and you like the “save-me” theme kind of book, then Listed is for you.

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