Saturday, May 11, 2013

Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2) by Samantha Young

3 Stars… no 2.5… maybe 3?

Ever since I finished On Dublin Street I have been feeling…

I mean, I LOVED LOVED LOVED On Dublin Street so when I finally got my hands on Down London Road I had HUGE expectations.

…. I’m taking a moment to pause and gather my thoughts….

…. I still need a few moments.

Okay… lets do this sh!t!!!


This is Jo’s story… do we really need a back story? I guess… so, Jo is poor, she is taking care of her mom who is verbally abusive and is an alcoholic. Jo is also taking care of her teenage brother, who is f&cking bad a$$. Since Jo never got a college education, she works two crappy jobs, despite her rich friends offering her help. Jo dates rich men in hopes to marry them so she can have financial freedom for herself … oh and for her brother too. Anyhow, then there’s Cam, who is an unemployed “graphic designer” and works at the same bar as Jo in the mean time to earn income.

[My crazy review]

The summary is just a TIP of what goes on, but I didn’t want to give everything away. Anyhow… here goes my rant.

At 1%.. I’m on f&cking cloud nine because I finally am starting the read

At 30% this is me…

Falling Asleep

At 40% I’m thinking oh thank GOD, FINALLY!

SEX... SEX.... SEX!!!

At 75%, this is my feelings towards Jo and Cam

Seriously WTF?

At 100% … I put my tablet down and had to sit and think, then


I have huge mixed feelings with this one. I CAN.NOT.SEE the reasoning for the rave reviews?! Is it because of loyalty? Why am I so upset? I think it’s because I’ll say it.

I did not care for Jo or Cam at all

[Issues with Jo]

1.) How can I love a Heroine who dates rich guys for gifts, yet doesn’t take up the offer to get help for better employment? What even pissed me off more is that… that very question was ASK!!!

2.) Yes, you are beautiful, but you are so freaking insecure, OH my GAH, I wanted Cam to just freaking slap her. Get over yourself.

3.) She is a hypocrite

[Issues with Cam]

1.) You.ARE.A.DICK, geez some of the stuff he says to Jo… I mean how many times can I hear the words “spread your legs”

2.) The Climatic-ending and we ALL know what I am talking about.

I didn’t care for the plot. I couldn’t relate to Jo. I mean what a dick thing to do. You are in a subpar relationship with a pretty decent BUT RICH guy just so he can what? Take care of you? Oh, but she uses her 14 year old brother as an excuse? News flash girl, do something about it!, oh, your brother is going to be an adult in about 4 years, take the freaking help in getting a better job. Oh please.

How many times can Cam be a jerk? Sheesh, how can two people have “sexual tension” without even knowing each other,which just tells me their relationship was 100% superficial, and without knowing anything about Jo, Cam just basically thinks she is a whore…. WTF?

You so did not make my book boyfriend list

The ONLY redeeming quality was the small steamy part and the bits and pieces of Joss and Braden I got. Oh and I LOVED Cole.

But over all…

Thinking it over, this was probably a 2 star read, BUT I love Joss and Braden too much, so lets just leave it at 3 stars.

As for my overall take, I don’t know. I mean, it’s like eating a whole pint of ice cream. The idea seem solid in the beginning and it was nice, but once you finished, you basically are mad at yourself and feel like sh!t.

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