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Girl with Guitar by Caisey Quinn

4 Stars

Girl with Guitar was a delightful, refreshing and slightly angsty read with a country music theme.


After the recent death of Kylie’s father, her step mom kicks Kylie out of the house and with no home to go to, Kylie moves to Nashville to pursue her dream as a country music singer. Trying to save money to record a demo, Kylie becomes a waitress. Trace is a famous country singer man-whore with a string of issues that is starting to hurt his career. Trying to revamp his image, Kylie is asked to go on tour with Trace. Despite their differences Kylie and Trace form an attraction towards each other.


Girl with a Guitar was a light-hearted sweet read with A LOT of tension.

Oh the drama!

Let’s get started…


Oh sweet sweet sweet Kylie. I would say Caisey Quinn depicted Kylie perfectly. I envisioned an innocent, sweet girl leaving her home town of Oklahoma with a few bucks in her pocket but with hopeful dreams of a bright future in a scary, yet impressive city. I liked Kylie, even though at times I wanted to shake her when she would let her insecurities get the best of her, she was, however, all around likable. You felt for her and all the crap she put up with.


I was really up and down with Trace. Trace is an arse, Trace is a man-whore, Trace is an all around self-centered and an egotistical jerk. I liked him at times… he was the typical Hero I expected in the beginning, but towards the middle I wasn’t so fond of him, then towards the end he redeems himself (kind of).


I would describe the beginning amusing and light.

Oh God. She was about to puke on last year’s Country Music Artist of the Year

Towards the middle to end, there’s a LOT of tension and the drama was kicked up a notch. I wouldn’t call Girl with Guitar too steamy, but

…the shower scene was HOTT

Trace Corbin should come with a warning label: highly addictive

I gave Girl with Guitar a 4 star rating because I really liked Kylie. I thought she was strong, a little naive, but adorable. When she started to get her confidence, this is how I felt towards her…

…you’re a$$ better show in Baton Rouge because one of us actually gives a sh!t about being here, and I’ll be damned if someone like you is going to piss all over my dream before I’ve even had a chance to live it

I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, but leads to an opening for a book 2. Disclaimer, there is an ending, so don’t worry there’s no cliff-hanger.

I had a few issues with Trace. I think he pushed Kylie a bit too much. I was fine with his personal issues because it added a little something to the story, but I wasn’t cool with his issues towards Kylie. I thought it just didn’t seem enough to warrant his negative actions and feelings. I kind of wanted to punch him in the face a few times.

If I so much as get a whiff of liquor on your breathe on the day of a show, I will go straight crazy ex-girlfriend psycho b!tch on you’re a$$

However, I did like his venerable side, especially with his interactions with his family. I liked that Kylie and Trace had little moments and my favorite part is where they started to share lyrics… I just got a tingle inside.

Who doesn’t love a boy who can play guitar?

I think Quinn wrote a really good read for her debut novel. I am very impressed and she is an author to watch out for. I think there are some kinks to work through, but overall, Girl with Guitar was a nice read that had a country music theme with a perfect title and fitting cover.

I recommend.

My version of Kylie

Before today, there was never anything I’d have even thought about doing for a second if it meant risking my shot… but if I could relive the past twenty-four hours over again every day for the rest of my life… I’d give it up altogether.

My version of Kylie and Trace writing music together

**I was kindly provided with an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review

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