Sunday, May 26, 2013

From Everyday Shopaholic to Jacqueline's Reads

I originally started Everyday Shopaholic... a blog basically about my shopping experiences, DIY projects, recipes and a ton of other stuff.  I created that blog to keep in touch with my family, but also I wanted to share my daily experiences.  And every once in awhile, I would post a book review.

Since then, I've read and reviewed a lot of books and with my growing obsession  it's time to create a blog just all things reading related.  I want this to be 100% about books or as I like to call them, "reads".  I will also include book signings, book news and book deals and discounts.  But, I will still post on Everyday Shopaholic so please visit that too.

I am currently working on my Reading List and posting most of my current reviews, so please be patient with the limited content.  I hope to have everything finished in 2 days.

With all of that said...

I hope I can find you a great read!

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