Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pieces of you (Shattered Hearts, #2) by Cassia Leo

2 Stars

Yet again, I go against the norm and so forgive me for my rant, but words can’t describe how angry I am.


There I said it! My one and MAIN ISSUE is CLAIRE!

This is what I want to do to her

Let just say this. I liked Relentless.

This is how I felt after I finished Relentless

So… you can see how excited I was for Pieces of You

This is how I felt

At 27% things start to pick up and I’m so happy

At 37% I’m getting nervous, but I still like Claire

At 51% I’m pissed. Claire is so immature!

At 100% I pretty much wanted to punch something and by “something” I mean “Claire”

We start off right where we left off in Relentless and if you haven’t read it yet, then do not read anymore.

So, we are shocked right? I mean Claire freaking cheated on Adam with Chris, her baby daddy and there is the cliff-hanger. Yep, did that pissed me off? Yes, BUT I still gave it 4 stars BECAUSE the read was pretty good. So, Claire pissed me off, but I’m giving her a second chance.

How does Claire act in Pieces of You? Up until the 40% mark, I was cool with her. I felt like she was really trying. She doesn’t zone out as much, she’s being honest with both Adam and Chris, she wants to see her baby and so all is groovy right?

Yes, then… Claire changes.

Here comes the slow downward slope. Let me just be honest. I hate HATE hate… did I say hate, yep, Hate indecisive girls. Just get over yourself and pick a guy! Let me rephrase, either pick a guy or be alone, BUT do not be with someone and then not really be with them. Do you know what I mean?

Adam goes to Hawaii to train and compete in a surfing competition for 8 weeks. That’s only 2 months people. Chris is back in Claire’s life and he is very honest with his feelings towards Claire. Now Claire, she is just this big ball of mess. She basically has two guys drooling over her and in the mean time, cries cries and cries her freaking eyes out.

First off, why difficult is it to be away from someone for 8 weeks. Also, Adam is still in the same country, yes Hawaii is kind of far, but sheesh, I’ve had a long distance relationship for over a year and he lived in a different country.

You’re mine, and a piece of you will always belong to me the same way a piece of me will always belong to you - Adam

Chris is trying really hard to redeem himself. He is working hard to put Claire first and get a chance to meet his baby. You would think Claire would be appreciative, happy or even thankful?

You’re the f&cking love of my life. You don’t stop loving someone just because they’ve hurt you

Go ahead and walk away. You’re still mine, Claire, whether or not you admit it to yourself

The biggest mistake you made was loving me enough to let me go. I’m so f&cking sorry I wasn’t there for you

Ug no

Claire is selfish, self absorbed, immature, emotional, dramatic and STUPID

Do not even get me started on the ending. It’s beyond ridiculous!

I think Chris and Adam are okay, honestly I don’t know if I would pick to be with any of them. I think everyone needs to grow-up and stop having unprotected sex.

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