Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book Review - Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) by Georgia Cates

4 Stars 

WHOA… One word to describe Beauty from Surrender is SEX!!! Lots and lots of S.E.X! 



I liked Beauty from Pain, even with the epic cliffy **shaking head**, so you can see how very excited I was for Beauty from Surrender 

Disclaimer There is no cliffy in Beauty from Surrender and there’s a HEA, but there’s enough of an opening for book 3, which from reading Georgia Cate’s blog, hasn’t been decided if it’s going to be a full novel or novella. I’ll tell you now… I will read book 3 and I prefer novels :D 

We pick right where we left off from Beauty from Pain (if you haven’t read book 1, then stop reading) so Laurelyn went back to the states and Jack **gasp** wakes up with no Laurelyn. 

Let’s be honest people, this is the sh!t I crave. Yeah! 
 Stupid Jack Henry, why didn’t you tell Laurelyn you loved her?! 

I want her for-f&cking-ever. 

I knew you were the next one the second I laid eyes on you singing in that club, but you can never imagine my surprise when I realized that you weren’t just the next one- you were the last one 

You want her Jack Henry? Well do something about it! And he does. Laurelyn is depressed in the states, but she continues to pursue her singing career and at the same time Jack Henry tries to find her. This isn’t dragged out that long and I liked seeing Laruelyn in the states doing her own thing. It was different for me. 

There’s been no other mans since you- not inside my head, my heart or my body. 

So, let’s address the very obvious thing I noticed. I would say about …. maybe more than half of the read is STEAM. Now, ladies, I’m all for those reads and honestly it didn’t take away from the read, but LORD… you will be fanning yourself. I only wish (mild complaint) it was kinkier! BUT that’s just me. 

I’m so pissed off right now that I can’t see straight. I simultaneously love the f&ck out of you while I hate your guts. I don’t know if I want to slap your face or get naked with you. 

I don’t regret you for a second. You’re my favorite complication and you always will be. 

Overall the tone and feel of the Beauty from surrender is VERY lovey and light, there is some tension and you can tell by my status updates when it happens. 

At 15% … I’m happy 
At 30%, it’s steamy, but I’m pretty happy 
At 51% … yup more steamy scenes 
At 86% there’s full blown out tension and I’m about to throw my tablet at the wall 

At some parts, I wanted to punch Laurelyn in the face, BUT thank god for Addison, who kind of tries to be the voice of reason. Oh and my favorite scene… the one in the rain. I pictured that in my head, but instead of Laurelyn, I pictured myself. (Don’t act like you don’t do it too) I liked Beauty from Surrender, steam and all, but what I enjoyed most was that I finally got the explanation of the title. I ALWAYS look for this in a read and yup, had a smile on my face when I got it. 


I think if you started the series, it would be good to finish it with Beauty from Surrender and from there you can decide if you want to move forward with book 3. 




  1. Whoa! Definitely looks like an intense read.

    I think all of us like romance so we can picture ourselves in the rain scenes :)

    1. The rain scene was my favorite. Thanks for the comment!