Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beauty from Pain (Beauty, #1) by Georgia Cates

4 Stars

Beauty From Pain was recommended to me by my sister and so I was excited to start this read!

I have to put two disclaimers out there, Beauty From Pain is not a BDSM book, the title is explained on the last page and there’s a cliff-hanger ending but that is okay because Beauty from Surrender is out. .

Anyhow, I would say Beauty From Pain was a light New Adult romantic contemporary read that a lot of people will like.

Jack is a rich handsome Australian winemaker. He doesn’t like complicated relationships and goes into them with an expiration date. Laurelyn is on vacation from the states and plans to stay in Australia for 3 months. Laurenlyn catches Jack’s eye and he wants her to be number 13. Jack proposes to Laurenlyn the idea of a 3 month relationship, where they don’t know each other’s real names and once the 3 months are over, both go on their separate ways and never talk to each other again. In return Laurenlyn gets a fantasy filled relationship. Laurenlyn agrees.

The summary is pretty awesome and it’s the main reason why I wanted to read the story.

I liked Jack and Laurelyn’s story, I didn’t get a lot of back story, but I did feel like the flow was great. I am not a fan of relationships forming too quickly and you get the sense that Jack and Laurelyn are getting to know each other, even though they already had sex.

There are plenty issues and side plots that kept me interested, but there wasn’t one huge issue. I am very happy the whole story wasn’t flat or one note, each chapter progresses and shifts the relationship. I think if the relationship didn’t shift, I would have been highly disappointment, but I was kind of kept on my toes.

I liked the ending, cliff-hanger or not. I know very different from how I usually see cliffys, but it's true!

Overall, the tone and feel of Beauty From Pain is pretty light and breezy and a huge contrast to the actual title name and cover.

I recommend Beauty From Pain and just know there’s a cliff-hanger ending, but it’s really worth the read.

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