Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

4 Stars

Hard to Love could is such a great read,  I only wish it was longer!  I see great potential in Ryan’s works and with each new read it gets better and better, which I LOVE!

Alexa is a goodie nurse, who is a virgin and is interested in losing it. Cade is a porn star trying to earn cash to pay for his little sister’s medical bills. The two meet when Cade has to go to the hospital for a “problem”.

Let me just high-five Ryan for an awesome first chapter. Cade has to go to the hospital because he can’t get his erection to go down after 4 ½ hours and how hilarious is that?! The first 75% of the book kept me pretty much interested and I didn’t put the book down. Just note, the last 25% of the read shifts to prepare for the climatic ending.

Alexa is pretty awesome. She’s a nurse and has a BIG heart and I think her character is pretty believable. She wasn’t too sweet, but just enough to make her character enjoyable to read. Cade is pretty funny and I enjoyed his POV, especially during his taping “scenes”. I really liked the little sister because she wasn’t annoying, but a great side character that strengthen Alexa and Cade’s relationship (in my opinion).

Overall Hard to Love was funny, a little quirky and pleasant to read and I wish was longer!

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