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Torn (Torn, #1) K.A. Robinson

Torn (Torn, #1)Torn by K.A. Robinson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

Ug, this is a hard review. I started Torn with a 5 star rating. The beginning reminded me a lot like Easy, so I was pretty happy. Towards middle to middle-end, things turned sour for me.

It’s Chloe’s first year of college and she has her two best friends to keep her company, Logan and Amber. Drake is Mr. Bad-boy with pricings, tattoos and all. Chloe notices Drake in class and instantly forms a crush. However, with crazy friendship issues, Drake’s un-committed attitude towards relationships and Chloe’s mom stirring up trouble, it all can make it difficult for Chloe to be with someone she can love.

I thought the summary was a bit misleading. I understand short summaries because you don’t want to give everything away, but I thought it’s important to say Torn is a love triangle story. Not only it’s a love triangle story, it’s a love triangle story between two great guys with an indecisive girl.

Do not get me started on my issues with indecisive Heroines. I.CAN.NOT.STAND. I never understood the appeal in reading about someone screwing themselves over…. Okay… maybe I can. **sigh**… I am biased because these are the kind of books that just upset me and gets me all worked up.

I wouldn’t call Torn intense, but short and anti-climatic with a few steamy scenes. I loved the beginning. I thought the first 30% was super sweet and I enjoyed the banter between Logan and Drake more than Drake and Chloe.

Towards the middle, the story shifts and I down-right got pissed. When I got to that part (and we all know what I am talking about) I paused what I was doing and put my tablet down. I had to walk away because I couldn’t contain my anger. Chloe went from crazy cute college girl to crazy stupid typical college girl in 90 seconds flat.

I didn’t like being jerked around throughout the story. Do I like Logan or do I like Drake? Sometimes you like Logan and sometimes you liked Drake, I felt like the personalities were inconsistent and were written to the way you as the reader were suppose to feel. Meaning, Robinson was telling me how to feel towards the characters instead of it coming to me organically.

The relationships form too quickly, actually, let me correct myself, there wasn’t enough back-story for me to feel like the relationships were working. Also, once the characters started to spill out their past issues, I rolled my eyes. Like I said before, nothing about it seemed organic.

I gave Torn a 3.5 star rating because I enjoyed the beginning so much and I read it in one sitting, so overall I was interested, despite my rant.

Torn wasn’t for me, but if you like love triangles where the Heroine is super indecisive and both Heroes are pretty sweet, then this might be for you.

One more thing, there’s no cliff-hanger ending and Chloe picks a person in the end. Book 2, Twisted is just a continued story.

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