Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review - Secret For a Song by S.K. Falls

I wanted him, all of him, and I pretended that I belonged. It was the biggest lie I’d told up to that point, and for someone whose entire life was carved out of lies of different colors and shades and shapes, that was saying a lot.

4 Stars

WOW, if you liked Fault in Our Stars then you will love Secret For a Song.

First sentence… I ate my first needle when I was seven … yep I was hooked after that.

Saylor has Maunchausen disease, where she makes herself sick for attention. She has been doing this for years and has seen a lot of therapists with little help. Upon meeting a new therapist, he asks if Saylor could do anything, what she would like to do. Saylor tells him she would like to work in the medical field and with the help of her therapist, Saylor volunteers at the hospital.

Saylor meets Drew, who is part of a support group for the terminal diseases, known as the Terminal Illness and Degenerative Diseases support group (TIDD). Drew automatically assumes Saylor belongs in the group and when he asks if Saylor has MS and Saylor knowing Drew meant Multiple Sclerosis, not Maunchausen Syndrome, doesn’t correct Drew.

What we’re looking for is to establish an identity, to hopefully find sympathy or love or whatever in the yes of our loved ones

Okay, I’ll admit, I know nothing about Maunchausen Syndrome and I didn’t really read the blurb prior to starting Secret for a Song so when Saylor began hurting herself, it was just really fascinating to me. I had my issues with Saylor. I understood her disease, but I didn’t really understand her interactions with everyone, especially with her Mom and therapist. I understand the angsty teenager, but to me, Saylor seemed braty. However, as you get more into the story, you soon realize why Saylor is the way she is and I’ll say it. I finally got her.

Oh and Drew. I really liked him. How could you not? I mean, he is sick and is part of the TIDD support group!. Drew has Friedrich’s Ataxia (FA), basically his muscles are deteriorating and soon it will kill him. Is this a spoiler? No, there is no question that Drew will not get better, but that’s not really the story.

I know, why would you want to read a depressing book? Because it just makes you think about life and really Secret for a Song is a beautiful story.

What was it about pain that made us crave oblivion? We liked to think that we, as species, were tough, that we could take anything…But make us face our own individual morality and we’d lie down and weep…We couldn’t deal

The beginning was slow and most of it was building up Saylor’s past. What I really enjoyed was the interaction between Saylor and Drew, especially when they got closer. You really felt for Drew and his struggles. It’s very hard to read a Hero being so venerable. Also, slowly you see Saylor changing and it’s not apparent at first, which was perfect for me.

Drew made me feel like there were parts of me worth saving

Secrets for a Song is not for everyone and I am not sure I would say there’s a HEA, but it does end on a bitter-sweet note. Meaning, it was kind of sad, but kind of sweet at the same time. Just read with a box of tissues. I recommend this read because it will make you really think about your life and be grateful for what you have.

Yeah. It’s the smallest things, I think, that really make a life what it is

An ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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