Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Review - Lengths by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt

4 Summer-time Stars

Lengths is a very easy, short, contemporary read with a little tension.

I really liked how Lengths started. I am a HUGE fan of the Heroine and Hero meeting within the first few pages, so this made me happy. So, first off, you know Whit has issues. She moved away from her family for college and because of her issues, she is kind of guarded.

Deo is your swoon-worthy Hero.

There’s no limit to the lengths I’d go to make you happy, doll

Let me just say this, I LOVED DEO! He was just so freaking wonderful! Good lord, all the things he does for Whit. Deo was kind of like a puppy, just taking whatever scraps Whit was willing to throw his way. I just kind of wanted to say, Deo… forget about Whit, why don’t you talk to me instead? Oh and tats, I know, what is it about a guy with tats, ugg… I simply can’t get enough.

I want … more. I want enough to make the tattoo scalding my ribs and that sweet as hell kiss burned in my memory mean something more than they do.

It all is, suddenly. I realize that every minute I spend with Whit makes me more possessive, and I fucking suck at sharing.

I would say Deo and Whit kind of have that “insta-lust” than “insta-love”. The tension comes from Whit and her issues. I get why she was the way she was, but boy gosh, at times I wanted to just SLAP HER! She didn’t anger me but just frustrated me a bit.

I feel like I keep running right up to the edge of the water, but stopping before my feet dip into the waves. I can’t force myself to jump in, no matter how amazing the water may be.

Overall, Lengths was a very easy read and perfect for summer time.

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