Monday, July 22, 2013

Connected (Connections, #1) by Kim Karr

Connected (Connections, #1)Connected by Kim Karr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loving you is easy as breathing

River and Dahlia meet five years ago. At the time, River isn’t the famous rock star he is today and Dahlia was with someone. Five years later, Dahlia is dealing with a past tragedy and meets River again. River tries to reconnect with Dahlia, but it’s not as easy when Dahlia’s past keeps on getting in the way.

The beginning was great. I really liked Dahlia and I felt like I was connecting with her. I was kind of nervous around the 10% mark because I’m not a fan of indecisive girls, but it turned out to be something that wasn’t what I thought.

Let me just say this at 10% you will be slapped in the face, I.DID.NOT.SEE.THAT.COMING.

Once you get to the twist I got really interested. I LOVED how River and Dahlia first meet and I LOVED the way they formed into a relationship. I thought Dahlia was super cute because she was so nervous meeting a famous rock star and she keep on doubting herself. It made her more adorable. I enjoyed River too and I really enjoyed his POV which didn’t come out until the end of the book.

Connected is very steamy, I would say about 30% of a certain section is just SEX. We all know I love my steamy reads.

Most of the book is about Dahlia and River. I wanted to see more of River’s rock star life but the domesticated version was sweet.

In the beginning I was lead to believe there would be some drama but when I got towards the last 30% and still didn’t get much drama, I kind of figured I misread everything, well I was wrong. The best part is the last 20% because sh!t hits the fan. When I got to climatic-ending I was yelling YAY!!! This is what I was waiting for.

Oh, the Thoughtless reference was kind of cute, unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm also wary of indecisive girls, as well as fiction with rock stars, but this sounds great!