Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Review - Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

4.5 Honky Tonk Stars

Lost and Found was rootin’ tootin’, yippee ki yay, dern fantastic!

It was the kind of kiss a girl would forever measure against. It set the bar for all future kisses

Okay Okay, I should have a little disclaimer. Husband is a southern boy, he actually grew up on a farm, which I have visited and yes, there’s a barn, cows and trackers oh-my. So, I really really really appreciated this sweet, light-hearted country theme story.


It’s the summer before Rowen goes to college for art school. Because of Rowen’s past poor behavior, her mom offers her a deal, if Rowen spends the summer with a family friend in the country, then Rowen’s mom will pay for art school. This is a no brainer for Rowen, she gladly goes to the country, with steel toe boots, black hoodies and dyed black hair and all. Jesse is your typical sexy cowboy, he’s sweet, strong and the ladies love him, but despite complete differences he’s very intrigued with his new house guest.


I wouldn’t call Rowen Goth, I think she’s just a little dark and damaged. Based on her attitude and how she’s dressed, you know there is something bothering her and she definitely has low self-esteem. You also know there’s a reason why she acts the way she acts. I liked Rowen, even though she’s kind of edgy, but overall she’s really sweet! Yes, there were times I was kind of ticked off with some of her actions, but hey no Heroine is perfect.

Guys like Jesse didn’t say those kinds of things to me. They didn’t look at me the way he was now. No guy said or felt those kinds of things for me, because I wasn’t the kind of girl who deserved to be adored.


Oh.My.God. Jesse, oh how I love you. Yes, I love your Levis’ , your truck, your sexy boots and your sexy cowboy hat. You can take me horseback riding any time of the day. If you have a thing for cowboys or country boys, then Jesse is it.. Can we say SWOON? I loved Jesse, he was sweet, level headed and just all around a standup guy. You will love him too. I promise.

I’m a cowboy, remember? I’ve got steel running through my veins

I wanted to be that girl that deserved the way he was looking at me. I wanted to be that girl that deserved him… but I wasn’t that girl.


Yes, this is a light-hearted read, but there are also issues. I mean Rowen is just a ball of issues and throughout the read, we see her struggle with them. So, there’s plenty of depth. I also, absolutely loved the side characters. Rowen basically stays with Jesse’s family and his whole clan is freaking awesome. I enjoyed Lost and Found so much because there was the right balance of “sweetness” to “tension”. I wasn’t annoyed and I wasn’t bored, everything just worked.

Every morning we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Your past is your past. Leave it there. Get on with the future part…

Finally, if you hadn’t noticed, I LOVED the scenery. The read just screams “SOUTHERN” and being from TEXAS, you can see where I am coming from.

I know, she doesn’t have black hair, but this is what I was envisioning. :D

Rating 4.5 Stars

Lost and Found is a treat and you will not be disappointed!

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