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Book Signing Photos + Book Review [Falling Into Us (Falling, #2)] by Jasinda Wilder

I’m thoroughly addicted to you, Becca. If I don’t get a regular fix of your body, I might go into withdrawal 


Damn you Jasinda Wilder, damn your brilliant writing, damn your fantastic stories, damn your enduring and lovable characters. I want to hate you because of all the emotions you make me feel, but I can’t because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE you! 

Okay, enough of me being a fan girl. BUT let me just say this. I loved Wounded, I loved Falling into You and damn it… I freaking loved Falling Into Us. I really don’t know how Wilder does it? Does she have like this magic fairy that tells her what perfect writing is? If so, please do not stop whatever you are doing Jasinda because you have a number one fan FOR LIFE! 


Yes, this is book 2 of the Falling series and you do not have to read book 1, Falling into You to understand Falling Into Us. There is some overlapping (since this is a parallel story), so it’s up to you on which read you pick up first. My advice, if you can’t handle a deep emotional book, then start with Falling into Us first. 


Becca is Nell’s best friend (Nell is the Heroine in Falling into You) and Becca is your typical goodie girl. Becca obeys and respects her parents, she doesn’t have a social life and her number one focus is school. Jason is super star athlete and dreamy drool worthy male. After years of crushing on Nell, Jason finally asks Nell out on a date. Nell backs out last minute and suggests Jason ask Becca instead because Nell knows Becca has a major crush on him. Jason and Becca are complete opposites, but despite 100% different backgrounds and circumstances keeping them apart, attraction and an relationship is forged. 

[Becca] heroine YES! I said it. I basically have a girl crush on her, I basically want to be her best friend, I basically want to be her, oh wait… I was her. Okay, I’m Asian American, and yep, I had the 10PM curfew, I wasn’t allowed to date in high school, I wasn’t allowed to have a job and school was my number one focus. Did I go a little boy crazy because my parents were strict? Yes, I did and with that said. I so get Becca and I freaking love her! 


Oh LORD, Jason was awesome, he was perfect. I’m not really into jocks and the whole football thing does nothing for me, but sheesh, you can’t but help but break for Jason or take your clothes off, so he can jump you. Right off, we know Jason’s story and I really got into that. I felt like with each chapter, I got a little bit more of Jason and I just fell in love with him more and more. Jason has a lot of pressure to maintain his number one super star athlete status. His main goal is to get a full scholarship and eventfully get picked up to 
play pro.

Oh, no. I’m happily addicted. I don’t have many vices, you know. I don’t really drink, don’t smoke, I’m not into partying or anything like that. But you? I’m very much into you. I wouldn’t give you up for anything. 


I was a little cautious stepping into this read because of Falling into You. I really didn’t know what to expect and like always, I was just blown away and shocked. 

My thoughts and feelings during this read… 

At 7%, I’m girl crushing hard on Becca 

At 39% I have a HUGE grin on my face and can’t stop smiling 

At 54% I am blown away with the story line 

At 72% I am bawling ugly fat tears (okay it’s not that bad, but it’s pretty emotional) 

At 100% I just had a book orgasm 

All things aside, the first half is really light-hearted and really cute.  Having this read parallel to Falling Into You isn’t a big deal, Falling into Us truly reads as a standalone novel. There is some Nell and Becca interaction, but the main story is Becca and Jason. 

It was like falling over the edge; once you lost your balance and began the tumble, you couldn’t stop your descent 

 The second half the story shifts and it gets a little bit more emotional, but like I said, I loved it and it was perfect. I was just enthralled into the Jason and Becca dynamics. I wanted to be part of their lives and just ride along with their journey. You feel for them as individuals and you feel for them as a couple. Oh and the steam is top-notch girlfriends!


When you finish reading Falling Into Us you basically want to roll over and have a cigarette, it’s just that good people! 

Rating - 5 ++++ STARS!!!

I happen to get the chance to visit Jasinda when she was in Dallas and not only she is an awesome writer, she’s just one f&cking awesome person. Did this sway my review? No, not one bit. I am as always 100% honest in all of my reviews.

[Book Signing Photos]

Jasinda and me (aka her #1 Fan)

Getting Wounded and Falling Into You signed

I told Jasinda I was trying to have a baby and she said she was very lucky, so she was giving me positive vibes.

I am asking about Falling Into Us

Jasinda revealed the cover to Falling Into Us to me before it went public. I think I might have fainted right then and there.

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