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Book Review - Slave (Finding Anna, #1) by Sherri Hayes

4 Saving Stars!

I read Slave in August of 2012, but I never wrote a review (I know it’s before I started to write reviews), so with that said, I reread it and well.. .Slave is a really unique read that doesn’t get enough attention.

If you are into the “damsel-in-distress” type of read, (WHICH I AM SO INTO!) then, Slave is for you

I HAVE to put this disclaimer… because TONS of you will ask me if this is like Captive and I have to say, not really. First off, I wasn’t a big fan of Captive. I didn’t dislike Captive, it was just hard for me to relate to the Hero. However, Slave does have the whole dominate/submission theme, again, I’m a huge fan of these reads.

With that said… on with the review!


Brianna has been held as a sex Slave for ten months. Stephan’s friend meets Brianna at a party and sees how distress Brianna is and mentions to Stephan that he should purchase her, to save her, since Stephan has the funds for it. Stephan meets with Brianna’s “master” and after seeing how poorly Brianna has been treated, Stephan decides to purchase Brianna and becomes her new master. Even though Brianna has only been held captive for ten months, she’s so emotional scared it’s hard for her to go back into society, while being Stephan’s new submissive.

Before you think of bondage and steamy love steams, I would say Slave is a very mild, tame read, with a lot of build-up. Now, tension usually makes me pull my hair out, but honestly, I thought the whole Stephan and Brianna relationship was very sweet.


Good Lord I loved Stephan I mean, I liked him in Slave but as you move forward with the series, you will really like him, heck, you will fall in love with him. Stephan is a true dominate, he’s successful, he’s sexy, masculine and just all around alpha, however, he isn’t “crazy”. I would describe him as a pretty realistic Hero (as much as one can be).

Never had one woman dominated my thoughts as she did. I had no idea what it meant, but I had to know everything I could about her.


All those things I’d suffered before, and I’d survived. At least now I had more than I’d ever thought I’d have again.

Brianna is damaged and it’s to the point where you question if ten months was enough to warrant her issues, but it’s kind of explained later on in the series. She also cries a lot, I know this can irritate a few readers, but I kind of glazed over that, because, as I mentioned before, I really like damsel-in-distress story line! Call me old fashion, but who doesn’t want a masculine brute to save you?!

It was then that I realized just how much I wanted this, her, here. I wanted her to want me. All of me.


Slave is a quick short read with a cliffy, so it’s best to pick up book 2, NEED right away. It’s a really sweet story about two people getting together due to an extreme circumstance. Slave is one of those reads that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but really is a gem in the rough.

4 Stars

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