Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book Review - Need (Finding Anna, #2) by Sherri Hayes

4.5 Spoiler FREE Stars

Need is book 2 of the Finding Anna series. I read Need in August of 2012 and at the time I wasn’t writing reviews, however, I reread Need and I am so glad I did!

My review of Book 1, Slave can be found Here.

I’ll be honest, Need stuck with me. I’ve read tons of BDSM books since this one and I always go back to thinking about Need. It’s just something about Brianna and Stephan’s story that I really enjoy. People know I love characters getting to know each other and I’m not a huge fan of insta-love and so I really enjoyed the slow progression of Brianna and Stephan’s relationship.

So, book 1 left off on a cliffy, I know! But before you go all crazy, I’ll say, Need does end in a cliffy, but in my opinion it’s a closed one. My sister and I fight on what a cliffy means and let’s just say once you finish with Need you will be satisfied. I was very happy.

Brianna and Stephan continue to work on their relationship. Brianna is still very much damaged and yes is still confused, but that’s what makes her adorable. I know, adorable? Well, she is.

And Stephan is… still very much the alpha (yet tender-hearted) male.

I’ll just say this, I LOVE Stephan! He’s SO understanding. I think what I enjoy most about him is how caring he is towards Brianna, yet he still maintains his dominate personality. I actually enjoyed Brianna being punished. Yup when Brianna fucked up, she got punished and no, it’s not like whips and chains, but it did add a little spice to the read and to me, it kind of shifted the relationship.

Speaking of spice, the steam in Need is turned up a notch and it’s not overly steamy, but there’s plenty of tension to create a major, yet entertaining, build-up. Let’s just say, the shower scenes were awesome. I’m all about the delayed gratification, but that’s me and I’m digressing.

I feel like Slave and Need really do need to be read back to back. Slave kind of introduces you to Brianna and Stephan, where Need gets you a little closer and more personal to their relationship.

Again, the first two reads aren’t over-the-top crazy-pull-your-hair-out kind of tension or steam and that’s perfect for me! Slave and Need are good slightly kinky reads that will leave you satisfied and wanting for the next read in the series, which is Truth that expected to be release on July 25th.

4.5 Stars


  1. You liked her getting punished? Whoa! Totally took me by surprise, but I think you explained yourself well enough that I get what you mean.

    At any rate, sounds, and looks! like a steamy read!

    1. lol... I did. Call me crazy, thanks for the comment Katie <3