Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review - Fevered Souls by S.K. Falls

4 Demontic Stars
If you need a Twilight fix, then Fevered Souls is your read!
This is my second S.K. Falls novel and all accidental.  My first novel by Falls Secret for a Song, review is HERE.  Fevered Souls is VERY different from Secret for a Song and it just goes to show how diverse some authors are.
Cara hasn’t been back to Eden since she left for college.  Back with a degree, she’s desperate to find a job.  Cara goes into a job interview with Dax, a mysterious, but wealthy, dark and handsome man.  Upon arrival, he immediately tells her that the position has been filled and dismisses her.  Cara, on the verge of tears goes home.  On the way home, Cara is attacked and is saved by Dax.  As Cara and Dax’s relationship form, she is starting to notice Dax isn’t like normal guys.
I have to note on a few things.   Fevered Souls is Book 1 of the series, a.k.a. volume 1 and within this read it’s broken into 5 mini novellas, called Possession, Betrothal, Illumination, Initiation, and Judgment, a.k.a. episodes.   Also, there’s a cliffy!  However, it’s not a pull-your-hair-out cliffy, so you will be fine.
You will find all the elements of a good paranormal read in Fevered Souls, including large creatures, attacks, rescues, saves, slight love triangle and sexual tension.  Fevered Souls isn’t steamy and I would categories this read as a Young Adult and that is perfectly fine.  I don’t think steam was necessary for this read.
Cara and Dax has what I like to call an insta-love.   I liked Cara, she wasn’t overly annoying, but she at times seemed to go with the flow a bit much.  I kind of wanted her to put up a fight and add more tension and banter between her and Dax.  But if you like a no fuss Heroine, then she’s your girl.  Dax has all the qualities that I look for in a dark Hero, but there were moments where I just wanted him to up his game you know?  Yes, Dax does get jealous and yes he is protective, I guess I just wanted to see him, flip his … you know sh!t.
I feel liked Fevered Souls was a great wet-your-toes kind of read.  It was overall pleasant, quick and it did the job.  I am interested in book 2 and I hope it’s 1.) a little longer, 2.) there’s more build-up between Cara and Dax 3.) more epic plots, twists and turns.
If you want a fast-pace novel, then Fevered Souls is for you.

[About the Author]
A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, I enjoy alternately hitting up the outlet malls and historic graveyards in Charleston, SC where I live and imbibe coffee. My husband and two small children seem not to mind when I hastily scribble novel lines on stray limbs in the absence of notepads.

Since no writer’s biography is complete without mention of her menagerie of animals, you should know I have one dog that doubles as a footstool, a second that functions as a vacuum cleaner, and a cat that ensures I never forget that my hands are, first and foremost, for pouring cat food.

Try out the first novella and see if it’s for you.  It’s free Here

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